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What is this small 129F Condensor in my 302 handset

Started by shortrackskater, July 29, 2017, 02:26:36 AM

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I'm working on what seems to be a run of the mill WE 302 H1 (apologies if I've worded that incorrectly). After wiring, checking, rewiring the phone it still had no audio... nothing. Then I discovered the handset wires were just inside, bare and not connected to anything. Also the black contact tab was on the side, where the white wire was. And I found this small condensor inside, nestled perfectly to make contact with the black and red terminals to the transmitter, in the handset. The writing was facing the bottom of the handset.
So next I just removed the condensor and wired it like my other 302. The phone works fine now - rings, dials out, I have sidetone, etc.
The only thing is that it seems to have just a little more loudness in the CLICK when I depress and release the hookswitch... just a little more.
Otherwise the phone works fine.
I only found one reference to this condensor on this forum and it doesn't apply to this phone and where found it. Was that condensor to reduce that click? But, if so, why don't my other similar phones have one?
Mark J.

Jack Ryan

It is a capacitor that is connected across the transmitter to prevent packing or coherence in the presence of radio frequency
(RF) signals. The RF may be the result of close proximity to a radio transmitter or sometimes due to sparks or arcing of contacts.

It is not designed to reduce clicking although its use may have that side effect.