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Wesner Electric Bell System Meters - where would these have been used?

Started by Babybearjs, May 02, 2021, 12:50:49 AM

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saw this on EBay, listing Item: 284278423856 for anyone looking.... my question is, where would these have been used? no rack mounting, so I'm curious....


Description from listing:
Wesner Electric Bell System Meters DC Milliampere KS14601 (6). Condition is "Used".
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Well, I have never seen such an arrangement of meters... :o
It appears they are for some sort of monitor circuit.
Seems they are lookin for a constant of about 3/4 mill...
Not much deviation there, plus or minus about 1/4 mill .
seems to have a under current alarm built in too...notice the cancel plunger?
tough to reach being so close to each other.