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Question about date code on Princess TT Dial

Started by RotoTech99, May 22, 2021, 10:11:54 AM

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Dear Forum:

I have a question about a date code I've seen on some WE Princess Touchtone dials, please.

The date code reads 83SP4, and similar to that on other dials of that type, but seems to mainly be from around 1983...

Can someone please tell me what the 'SP" might stand for?

Anyone who can answer that I Thank in Advance.



SP may mean Shreveport. Most WE phones of the modern era were made in Indianapolis or Shreveport. New models were developed in Indy. Then production was often moved to Shreveport. Merlin sets also have the SP designation.
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Dear Poplar1:

I think you're right on the money with that one. ISTR to recall mention of it before.

One of my neat finds was a black TT WE Princess... It had a crack in the side that I was able to fix, but I found out the Polane
used must have been thin when mine was painted because while I was fixing that crack, the acetone I was using in tiny amounts ate part of the finish; I was using to to "weld" the crack when I found that out.

It didn't help the crack, so I glued in a sliver of scrap plastic, then gradually smoothed it so  the particles would help fill the crack.

After it dried, I smoothed it as best I could and touched it up with a gloss black paint pen.

I prefer the paint pens for small jobs,  and since the area was small around the crack, it was fairly easy.

I've posted a couple pictures of the black Princess; the results with the paint pen are "iffy" because it's hard to tell how it will do, but I'm glad the crack itself was sealed.

How do you think I could touch up that spot better; I'm open to ideas, but a little limited on what to do.... I think some black shoe polish might help, but I'd welcome advice.

Thanks in Advance,