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New Old Stock WE *329* 20AL Candlestick???


Doug Rose:
Janet found this at a yard sale. It looked great before I wiped it down, but this is Amazing. Small chip out out of MP.

The paint is superb, deep luster. Cords are like new as is the Bakelite receiver.

If this wasn't enough a fantastic advertising attachment that fits snugly and is ribbed so the Stick does not move. The bad part is, it is impossible to read the advertisement as all the paint from it is gone.

If this was used, it was sparingly at best.

This is a absolutely marvelous find....Doug

Wow -- the condition is unreal! That's time travel. Amazing find.

Doug Rose:
thanks Rene...I was shocked when I saw it. I can take no credit, Janet done good!...Doug


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