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Liberty NC antique Festival on Setup Day and Church Flea Market finds


I got the first three phones at the Liberty Antique Festival during set up day. The WE 565 in 1968 and is complete inside and out ($10) despite the butchered cord.  Another dealer bundled the AE 183 Spacemaker which is true turquoise and the bakelite broken monophone for $50. I included the AE40 monophone with bakelite bands because I thought the chrome switch hooks without a lift was unusual. But once I brought it home I read about  them here (Also needed a ringer but this one is 66hz so I imagine it is a harmonic one):

At the church flea market I got the Kellogg IT wall phone from 1968 paired on a new piece of wood with a 684 subset which is soft plastic from 1950.  I wondered what phones they were making soft plastic subsets for in 1950, since 302's were being made then.  Once again came home and read here that the soft plastic covers may have been replacements for broken bakelite ones that came with 102's and 202's. This one is dated 1950 and 1951 so maybe came out originally with a Spacesaver?

Nice haul, good prices too.
If you want a cord for your 564, send me a PM
I have one in good shape.
I wish they had stuff like that around me again, but covid shut all that stuff down for good it seems.
Too bad really, I miss doing that stuff.


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