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Western Electric 4H marked 5H ??

Started by kka2446, December 25, 2021, 07:02:02 PM

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Hello, I have a very nice WE metal 302 dated 10-37, all original, little use
and unmolested. The dial is dated III 37  5H, but is is absolutely a 4H dial.
Can someone explain the 5H / 4H markings ?

Thanks in advance,


Can you post photos?

The early 5H dials (IV 36 to I 38) have the "W" terminal next to the governor, and single (not bifurcated) contact springs. They also have a phenol pulse pawl, hence the nickname "silent dial." They do look like 4H except for the phenol pulse pawl.

photo by phonium:
"C'est pas une restauration, c'est une rénovation."--François Martin.


"C'est pas une restauration, c'est une rénovation."--François Martin.



Hi Poplar1
Thank you for your prompt reply. I'd gladly post photos, but in the past I have had a difficult time and was unable.
I did look closely at the photo of the early 5H you linked. It is identical to mine.

I believe my 5H is an early version. The remaining components and wiring are all original, never tampered with. ( I wasn't aware there was an early 5H ) Thanks to your help and info. : )