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vintage western electric 410 telephone 2 line

Started by Doug Rose, July 13, 2022, 02:01:46 PM

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Doug Rose

This originally came on eBay as Antique Vintage kellogg k-500 6 phones Intercom System Telephone in boxes NOS for $400. I contacted the seller and told him it was a WE 410 and not a Kellogg.

I offered him $200 sight unseen and he declined and removed the auction

I asked for pics and I got the last pic with 5 phones, not six

He relisted as WE 410 @$39  with free shipping.

I offered $180 and he countered with $210 with FREE Shipping. They came today and this box was heavy.

Really heavy as it has Six METAL 410s in it.

Two are NOS or very close, all have nearly perfect paint. They were not used very long

Shipping for this box must have been huge. I could barely carry to the dungeon.

I think the $210 with free shipping was a better deal than the $200 I originally offered with shipping!!Sometimes you do bite the bear...Doug


original link

Doug Rose

Dated 4 41 throughout. Check out the different Date on the F2 Transmitter. Paint is perfect! Check out the insides of an Eighty One Year old phone!!

Cords are perfect, except the line cord was cut.

Visually, this was the best so it goes into the Phone Room. The other five the paint is about the same.

Got lucky here...Doug


Doug; great find!

You know, I think I actually have some original "LILITZ" number cards somewhere here; let me do some digging!
Ray Kotke
Recumbent Casting, LLC

Doug Rose

Quote from: kleenax on July 14, 2022, 02:20:57 PMDoug; great find!

You know, I think I actually have some original "LILITZ" number cards somewhere here; let me do some digging!
thanks Ray...I am interested!!.

Or any two line cards..Doug


Does more than one set have the F2 transmitter unit? I thought that was for local battery use (as in the replacement 635B "bulldog" transmitter on 1317 wall sets). Perhaps it had to do something with being an intercom?

Also, it appears that red and green conductors of the mounting cord are on L1 and L2Y of the terminal strip, rather than 1 and 2; so the key (button) is not for switching lines as currently wired.
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Doug Rose

David....all have F2 transmitters dated 4 41 and all receivers dated 4 29 41.

Wiring was as found and working so I left it as it worked.

Found a little piece of history, eighty one years old and had not been touched. Paint is like new on all, some cords are a deep brown like it was never used, few others used and a lighter brown cords and one had a bad curly...Doug


Quote from: Doug Rose on July 14, 2022, 09:47:40 AM...Cords are perfect, except the line cord was cut...
Don't you hate it when they cut the darn cord?


Doug Rose

I put an old unmarked WE dial on one of the 410s I purchased and noticed how similar it was to my Multi line 462AB3. Dates are 2 41 throughout. They look nice sitting next to each other in my Phone Room.

Cool looking Eighty One year old phones!!

Thanks for the great two line cards Ron!!..Doug