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Vodavi telephone coding

Started by RotoTech99, November 06, 2022, 10:05:38 AM

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Dear CRPF:

I've been able to gather some coding information on Vodavi phones like the 2203 and 2384 trimline style phones...

Their coding system is very much like Cortelco's following pretty much the same color and feature codes, with the exception of an "H" suffix, and a Customer ID prefix in some cases.

Below is a run down of what I've gathered:

HAC: Hearing Aid Compatible
G: Customer Identifier e. g: GTE
XXXX: Model#  e. g: 2203,2384
XX: Color code e. g: 09:ivory
BA/OE/DE: Ringer (OE, DE are electronic ringer).
20: Feature code
M: Metropolitan dial

H: Unknown suffix

The two set model numbers I have are:

2203: Memory dial with 3 one touch and 9 programmable memory locations, hold, tone/pulse  lighted dial. Electronic Ringer, desk/wall mount.

2384: Basic touchstone set with bell ringer, and desk/wall switch, lighted dial.

NOTE: Vodavi's coding is also used by Premier/North Supply.

Some of Vodavi's colors are:


Comments and feedback welcome.