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Re: GTE/Vodavi G-2384 phone & internal pics

Started by RotoTech99, November 05, 2022, 07:45:50 PM

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Dear CRPF:

Here are some pics of my GTE/Vodavi G-2384 trim line style set, including some internal pictures.

I would appreciate some help, please in finding out all I can, this set is really neat.

I'm trying to identify the large white component next to S1 & S2 on the terminal board that I'm guessing is associated with the DESK/WALL switch, and possibly the ringer circuit mainly, but I also hoped maybe the pics could help turn up a wiring diagram as well.

All feedback, comments, and assistance please, is welcomed with Thanks.




Quote from: rdelius on November 05, 2022, 10:42:39 PMWhite part is a resistor

Yes, a 15 ohm 2 Watt one and connected to the 'TIP' connection via the fuse.
My assumption with the switch is that it connects different coils on the ringer to change the volume.


Dear CRPF :

The ringer is a two wire ringer, so I'm guessing it has a single coil winding.

I think you might be right about the switch function, though.



Dear CRPF:

The attached picture shows the internal base with the ringer, network, and other components in place.

The connections are visible on the network, but part of the leads are hidden by the ringer and network.

The Wall/Desk switch is hidden under one side of the network, but is visible on the underside of the base.

The ringer volume lever is on the right; towards the front is Loud, midway is Soft, and towards the rear is the Off setting.

I'm still researching the desk/wall switch function, but will post what I find out.



Huh, I didn't realize those Trimline clones had actual mechanical bell ringers in them. Thought for sure they'd have electronic ringers


Dear Stormcrash:

The GTE/Vodavi 2203 does have an electronic ringer... It also has a 10 number memory and 3 one touch memory buttons, plus a hold feature.

The ringer can be changed to suit the service.

It looks physically similar to the 2384, but the handset keypad layout is different



Now I can see how the desk/wall switch connects it looks like it adds an extra capacitor in parallel on the ring circuit.
This may change the clapper frequency/intensity of the ringer?


Dear CRPF:

I have found out via testing that the desk/wall switch does change the intensity of the ringer through the resistor via the TIP lead to the ringer when the phone is used on the wall.

In desk setting, the ringer sounds more like a Princess type ringer.

The ringer itself has hi, lo, off mechanical settings via a lever.

If the desk/wall switch was left in the wall setting, it wouldn't have an adverse effect, it would just make the ring as a desk set more audible.



Quote from: RotoTech99 on November 07, 2022, 01:00:34 PMDear CRPF:

I have found out via testing that the desk/wall switch does change the intensity of the ringer through the resistor via the TIP lead to the ringer ...

If I'm interpreting the PCB correctly the resistor is always in circuit. What the desk/wall switch does is add more capacitance to the ring circuit.