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Is this 500C/D from January 1973?

Started by AliceWonder, November 27, 2022, 04:01:41 PM

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I have the 354 as my first phone but I still want a black 500CD. Found one on Facebook Market that looks like it has a damaged dial and scratched (but not cracked) housing and thus is cheap (under $25 including shipping), but the only reason I might want to start with one with a visibly broken dial is if the month matched my birth month - and this one might.

Did WE omit the leading 0 on months, or is the leading digit warn off making this ambiguous?

Thank you for comments. Image is from the Facebook marketplace.


The original date is under the black paint blob under the "500." You may be able to make it out if you look at the set closely. (Hard to see in a photo.)

Stampings in vermillion ink were added when the phone was returned for refurb.

The date on the network inside is usually a good indication of the original assembly date (for sets made after about 1952).

Some background info on 500-series model numbers and markings is available here:
Visit:         WE  500  Design_Line



The suede feet on the bottom suggest that the base is from the 1950s.  You should be able to find plenty of WE 500s for cheap.  Tens of millions were made, and there is very little demand for them now.  I am sure that there are some forum members who could sell you a 500 for cheap.



This one was made anywhere from late 52 - 1957, judging by the leather feet.  Neoprene triangular feet denotes 1959 - 62.  1958 seem to be mixed.