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What have you done to make your key system.. you, or make it easier to diagnose?

Started by Key2871, March 20, 2018, 05:00:35 PM

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I was curious to know if anyone has customized their key system to make it unique. Or easier to diagnose.

I started with my ITT 501, using parts from a 601 that had the stand offs with three amp connectors.
I made the 501 "modular" by wiring a female in the first selection for a cord to go to my block field, second was a male for the RT (rotary/tone)intercom, and the third was another female turned to allow for a key set to be plugged into the system direct. There was a bracket that locked the first two in place that had to be removed for a desk key set to plug in. The key set was used to troubleshoot problems in the system.

I have done that also with my WE 551C ksu.
I put the female between the block and line cards slot at the bottom just above the bracket for the 118A freq gen.
Running a single cable out the bottom to a block field using a mating connector on the first "M" block.
Later I found a bridging connector with 6 connectors that I re configured to mate with a modular key system and the last position left for intercom connection.
By doing this, I made it easy to find a problem faster and easier than punching all wires on a block with bridge clips.
And now for me it's easy to plug in what I want where I want it.
I know that there are those who will only do theirs the "book"way, and that's fine. But for me the modular system I made works great for me. Even the Co lines are modular, and just plug in to a regular rj Jack.

What are your thoughts on what I did. Or what have you done with your set up?.... Ken


I remember lifting one end of the holding resistor on the 1A2 line cards and inserting one side of a small audio transformer to provide M.O.H. from a radio.

Also there was a privacy module, wired in series with the Telephone line that excluded anyone from listening to a conversation if they were not the first to first pick up the line.
It could placed be on each set, or a group of sets. I think Proctor sold these years ago. Reverse engineered, it turned out to be a simple 2 wire diac / scr switch module.

Then there's story about the local telco not being able to get their of dial access paging system gear to work after we installed a new speaker system.
In frustration the owner asked me to do what I could and, and I cobbled a fix overnight with a hand full of parts from Radio Shack. The Telco was not happy with me, or them,  when they locked the equipment room on them.....!

To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk! (T. Edison)


OK, who locked who out of the equipment room?
I like your story, but it's a bit confusing, as to whom is who.
But sounds like you know your stuff.
Can you elaborate more on this story?