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NOS WE 1A2 Ringdown Unit. (not mine)

Started by HarrySmith, March 07, 2019, 04:47:36 PM

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I just stumbled across a surplus website with brand new WE 1A2 ringdwn units. If any of you 1A2 guys need one this is it! Only $20.00
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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I saw that. I've bought from them in the past. they have NOS AE #51 dials for sale... I've bought a few in the past. they really want top dollar for there items. trying to find telephone parts through then is sketchy at best. But, they are a source. I'd like to see more, but things change with time and vintage telephone and television parts are at best hard to come by.


That card only works between two systems. It's not an intercom card. I'm not sure what they were thinking when they designed that. Unless it was for large buildings that used 1A2 and wanted to communicate between the two offices or something. They are asking top dollar for their stuff too.