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PTT Red Ericofon
« on: November 12, 2015, 05:11:31 PM »
This most likely is in my hands tomorrow! A rather rare (On a scale of 10, it's 6 in rarity according to PTT Ericsson Red Ericofon. These phones never really caught on in the Netherlands, and due to that, they are rarer. The brown and faded ivory ones are more common, but red and white are more rare and sought after, especially because the PTT Red colour is deeper red than the "Mandarin Red"/"Carnival Red" colours known in the US and Australia. Now, this was offered at only Ä10, yes, that's right, Ä10, so I immediately jumped on it. It turned into a short bidding frenzy, but I got it at Ä31, which I still find a very decent price for such a rarity. It'll probably be here by tomorrow!
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Re: PTT Red Ericofon
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