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Quote from: poplar1 on March 28, 2023, 09:00:52 PMIs the cradle and hookswitch the same on this as on the 1A?

It appears that the AE 32A14 utilizes about the simplest hookswitch of all: 2-conductors, according to the wiring diagram. I have many, MANY AE type 1A hook switches, but most of mine are either 4 or 5 conductor, but I am sure that I have some 2-conductor as well.
General Discussion / Re: Clear AE40
Last post by kleenax - Today at 04:09:28 PM
Quote from: Robert Gift on Yesterday at 01:30:43 PMCan they be turned over?    Use long machine screws.
Collectors make it so that we cannot own such a phone and USE it.
Certainly they can be turned over easily. All you need is a couple of longer (correctly sized) machine screws and also 2 pieces of brass tubing sized appropriately to act as spacers for the gongs.
Wanted / Re: Wanted - 634 BA subset - w...
Last post by MMikeJBenN27 - Today at 03:50:18 PM
Sorry for your loss.

Auction Talk / Re: NEW 1937 302!!!
Last post by HarrySmith - Today at 03:36:29 PM
WOW! I can't believe this topic is still going over 9 years later :o
Auction Talk / Re: NEW 1937 302!!!
Last post by MMikeJBenN27 - Today at 02:52:30 PM
I think this phone is a Ma Bell refurb, not an untouched NOS item.

Technical "Stuff" / Re: How to adjust bells ?
Last post by xtal_01 - Today at 12:10:19 PM
Quote from: poplar1 on Today at 11:49:17 AMThat picture is of a "634BA" -- not 634B1AL.

Got it!

That makes sense ... why have a new number for the same part.  I am sure as they "ran out" of #68 ringers (why would you make more of an old style ringer), they just started using B1 ringers.

It is amazing to me just how "green" Bell was back then.  Very little got thrown away ... it was well built and would be recycled or rebuilt into newer units.

Thanks so much for all the information!!!!!!!!!

I like to learn as I go along !!!!!!!!!!!!

PS ... it says you are from Georgia (I lived in SC for 13 years but and originally from Canada) ... can you send some warm weather up here to VT.  It snowed again last night!  I am itching to get outside and keep working on my new shop but our weather is not co-operating with me.  Some videos of the shop build on YouTube:   ... some video on my facebook but you need to look all the way back to Dec 17 .. me already working in snow trying to get rafter up:
Technical "Stuff" / Re: How to adjust bells ?
Last post by poplar1 - Today at 11:49:17 AM
That picture is of a "634BA" -- not 634B1AL. It makes no difference  whether it has a 146C or 101A induction coil (both anti-sidetone) and no difference if it has a 68J, 68JA, B1A, or B1AL ringer (all high impedance): it's still coded 634BA. The 534/634 was superceded by the 584/684 around 1930/1931. There was no need to continue manufacture of the large metal subsets after that, except for those with harmonic ringers.

The same 534/634 base continued to be used from 1916-1945 for the wall telephone sets 533/633 manual and 553/653 dial. Of course the later wall sets were equipped with 5H dial, 101A IND, and B1A ringers from the factory.

Conversions from 534A to 634A were done in the WE Repair Shops, not the factory. There were also kits for the installer/repairman to do the conversions in the field. This could be done even without removing the subset from the wall.
Technical "Stuff" / Re: How to adjust bells ?
Last post by xtal_01 - Today at 11:30:25 AM
Quote from: poplar1 on Yesterday at 10:15:29 PMWhat is a "634BA1AL"?

Ops ... should have said 634B1AL  ....

I was sent this by a member in another group ..

"B1AL" is the same ringer as in a #302 but it has longer leads, thus the "L" in the part number.

Long story but just as there was never a "new" 151AL  ... they were all put together from refurbished parts .... I am told there was never a "new" 634

My understanding is that they were all 534's that had "upgraded" 101A coils so they were now anti-sidetone

When the 302's came out Bell wanted to standardize and use as many of the same parts as they could.  When I first was a B1AL ringer in a 634 box, I thought it was just a hack someone did at home.

Not the case ... Bell actually did this when they refurbished them.

Honestly I was not totally convinced of this when I was told ... it just looked so bad I figured a factory would never to this.

Then I found the bracket available from a phone shop to do this!  Here was the link:  bracket

I have attached a picture of the subset I just purchased with a BA1L ringer in it.

Thanks so much for the info on the ringers.  As I said, when I saw the inverted bells ... and the high coil impedance, I guessed this wast he correct one for my subset.


Wanted / Re: Wanted - 634 BA subset - w...
Last post by xtal_01 - Today at 11:10:37 AM
PM sent  .... Thanks!
Auction Talk / Re: NEW 1937 302!!!
Last post by poplar1 - Today at 10:31:13 AM
Quote from: poplar1 on February 03, 2014, 10:10:39 PMSo far the ungrooved F1 handles found are dated as follows:

IV 36                    --Doug found painted green on a 202
3/37                     --K1WI's 3/37 302 NOS with 4H dial
3-08-37                --Ebay listing for separate handset ending yesterday
4-29-37                --Sargeguy's 9-37 302 with 4H dial
6 01 37                --302 for sale on Ebay 2016-09-10               
?                          --The 6-37 Ebay 302 that started this thread with 5H dial
6 07 37                   Kenton's handset he sold on Ebay  (resold on Ebay May?, 2016)
6 12 37                   jfehl1's 6-37 302 sold March, 2015 (not the field trial set)
9 29 37                 --on 9-37 302 with 5H III 37 (listed on Ebay 2016-05-22)
10 18 37               --Kenton listed on Ebay July, 2016:
11-16-37              --Kenton found on a 202

The earliest grooved F1 handles found:

6 03 37  John's 7-37 field trial 302 #8121 sold March, 2015

6 11 37                 -- on 6-37 302 with 5H listed on Ebay 5/22/16

6-12-37 (June 08)--poplar 1's 7-37 field trial 302  #8224 with dial blank

7 ? 37 -- mostly original 7-37 302 (not field trial) I purchased June, 2015

9 08 37 -- on 8-37 302 for sale on Ebay 2016-07-07

10 25 37  -- on 10-37 302 (with 5HB IV 37) -- sold April, 2016 on Ebay # 111963912086

The '38s are outnumbering the '37s at least 10 to 1 (in my personal inventory).

Add: 4 21 37 ungrooved F1 -- Robert Guth