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Dumb question about call waiting

Started by bushman, September 03, 2013, 08:51:52 PM

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Can I still use call waiting with the 616? If the wife hits flash with one of the newfangled phones it sounds like it puts the first line on hold but not sure how to get to the second line. I say second line for lack of a better term, but this is still one phone line on one pair.



I think this is what Panasonic calls "External Feature Access."  The user guide gives the following instructions for using external call waiting from a single line phone:

1. Will hear a call waiting tone [from the central office].
2. Flash hookswitch.
3. Dial 0.

To return to the first call,

4. Flash hookswitch.
5. Dial 0.

Try that; if it doesn't work, then I'm sure someone will know what to do (Dave, where are you?)

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Thanks  I will try that. I was missing the dial 0. I think I tried 1 and 2.