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Remembering Our Veterans on Veterans Day

Started by Jester, November 12, 2009, 12:48:08 AM

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Quote from: Doug Rose on May 25, 2013, 08:25:41 AM
To all of you who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can live Free in the wonderful country, we are remembering you on this Memorial Day Weekend. We will never forget what you gave for your country. Our country!

To all our troops who continue to serve to keep us free, thank you. Your job is truly appreciated. You are our heroes! The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.....Doug

Doug, I don't think it could be said any better. I would just like add a personal note; My Dad was a proud a Korean War Vet. He loved his country.
Hugs to all the vets out there,
Practice Kindness :)



How many vets on the forum?

I for one, US Navy.
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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Mr. Bones

Quote from: HarrySmith on May 25, 2013, 03:14:51 PM

How many vets on the forum?

I for one, US Navy.

    Seabees! 8 years, 2 Combat Tours. Ah-Ooh-Rah!!! Thanks to all you Veterans for your selfless devotion and service to this country!

Best regards!

   Mr. Bones
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Happened to take a wrong turn during work last week and ended up going by a cemetery in Racine, Wisconsin. It was a overcast day with a light rain falling. From the street, I noticed a lot of flags set out so drove into the cemetery. Came across this memorial for those who served in WW-I. Walked through a few rings and noticed than none of those buried there were born after 1900. The first deaths were in 1917 and the last in the 70s. Someone, a long time ago, planned out this memorial, rings around a bronze statue of a WW-I Doughboy. The last vet buried there is in the lower left center of this picture. That morning, the feeling I got walking around those graves was one of extreme silence, immortal serenity and great strength. The ghosts of the greatest were standing tall that day. There are many such cemeteries but none I've ever been in felt like that one did on that rainy morning. A caretaker there said the small cemetery had about 1,500 flags. There had to be 300 to 400 in the WW-I memorial, and twice as many in the WW-II section on the other side of the cemetery. I don't think any more graves will be added to this memorial and few to the WW-II section. Just a little, out of the way cemetery most people wouldn't know about but one power feeling that morning.


I'd like to say a hearty Thankyou to all our veterans on this, the 95th anniversary of the Paris armistice.


My grandfather and my great Uncle were both Vets. They have both passed but not from the service.



U.S. Army Signal Corps 1969-71

Vietnam: 6/14th Artillery and 6/32nd Artillery 1970-71

Thank you all veterans!

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My grandfather-WWI British army --trenches in France

My dad-Royal Engineers 1948 Malaya

Me- right now local Police Service

We all share the same name. Brings it home when you see your name on a WWI medal.

Can't even imagine what he went through.

Mr. Bones

I wish to extend my eternal thanks, and blessings to all the Veterans who served before me, and since...

Thank you for your service to this country!!!

AH-OOH-RAH!!!! ;)

   Mr. Bones
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