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Find of the Month - March 2018

Started by AE_Collector, March 01, 2018, 01:24:22 AM

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Find of the Month - March 2018  ** VOTE FOR TWO **

dsk's two Danish D30 from KTAS "Copenhagen Telephone Company" $61 US incl shipping
7 (22.6%)
Gary Millam's WE 1712B 1A Interphone 10 button 2-line Princess Telephone $24.99 Antique Store
22 (71%)
Sargeguy's 1895 N.E.T.&T. Company Pay Station with No.7 Gray Coin Collector for $799
10 (32.3%)
FabPhones 1954 Black French Ericsson for about $23US at a Junk Shoppe in France
5 (16.1%)
Doug Rose's 2-1955 WECo 500 in Oxford Grey for $85.00 and $18.90 shipping on eBay
13 (41.9%)

Total Members Voted: 31


Another decisive win, so far this year the wins have all been quite decisive. Gary Milan's done it again this time with his Aqua Blue WE 1712B 1A Interphone 10 button 2-line Princess Telephone for only $24.99 at an Antique Store.

As always, everyone had some votes and this month there were 31 members who voted. Thanks to everyone who voted as well as to those who entered their finds or nominated finds of others. And Congratulations Gary!

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