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KX-T30820 / KX-T30830 - Schematic

Started by TymerTopCat, April 03, 2023, 01:52:39 AM

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Hi, If anyone can point me in the right direction for Service or Schematic manual for:

KX-T30820 / KX-T30830 Panasonic phones.

I would greatly appreciate the information.

I have a KX-T30820 Phone (no LCD) that does not power up when connected to an extension (any Extension) on a KX-T30810 System. The phone seems to have a short. As another phone on a different extension stops playing music (751#), When I plug in the KX-T0820 that does not work the phone basically does nothing after connecting to extension, can't access Intercom or CO lines. No LED lights. Nothing. But the Extension is okay, as other phones work fine.



  • Unplug all of the extensions at the KSU.
  • Take a known working instrument and plug it into working extension jack at the KSU.
  • Then reconnect the other extensions, one at a time, while monitoring the KSU with the known working extension.
  • See if the problem reappears as you slowly and sequentially plug the others in.
  • Determine if the cause is a faulty instrument or the wiring leading to the external jacks.
As far as a schematic goes, IIRC, a few years ago the TCI uploaded some for the 308/616 and 824 series KSUs.


OK, I misread your description.

Have you plugged the misbehaving instrument directly into a jack on the KSU and bypassing external wiring? If so, do the symptoms still manifest themselves?

If so, then search the TCI Library to see if the service manuals for the KSUs are in it.

Also, here is another potential source; I haven't read them but see if they are applicable to your equipment.

However, most will find repairing the instruments to be a daunting process, especially if SMD components were used. Otherwise, a visual inspection may reveal the cause, such as misaligned/shorted pins in the set's line jack.