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Nice find, ivory Trommelwähler (Siemens & Halske drum dial)

Started by countryman, January 10, 2022, 05:43:42 AM

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It appeared "in between the years" as we say in German (between Christmas and New Year) on a classified ads portal. I rung up the older gentleman offering it and quickly accepted his price idea ;-) It looked complete enough on the photo to offer 70 Euros with shipping included, although I noticed the added buttons on the right hand side (second to last pic).
As expected these were a later add-on, obviously to turn the phone into an intercom. The induction coil and the capacitor were missing - just about the only parts of the Trommelwähler that are easily replaceable from standard models!
I shut the drilled holes with Milliput epoxy putty and painted the fix. It's visible, but I think was my best bet in this case. I also used Milliput to repair the threaded bushing that hold the shell to the base plate. The original plastic was cracked here, luckily invisible from the outside.
I also replaced parts of the wiring harness, and still have to lace it as neat as possible.
The contact springs of the drum dial were bent, that did cost me a sunday afternoon to fix. Now it dials out trouble free.
A nice catch I think.
Last pic shows both of my Trommelwähler side by side ... ebony and ivory, living in perfect harmony (hopefully).


These are getting harder to find in good condition.

Milliput are long overdue making their product available in Ivory, which colour did you use?

Your repair has turned out well, the phone has cleaned up very nicely.

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I used the standard light colored type, which is an undefined green-grey.
The pics show the inside and outside repairs. The inside issue came already glued with a gooey mass. I removed the stains as good as possible but did not want to do more harm than good in the end.
Funny thing I forgot to mention:
The phone does not have the usual Siemens stamp on the underside. I used a lot of time to get the dial working not only because of the bent contacts. Moreover, this dial may never have been working right from factory. The green wire of the pulse contact was pushed through the soldering eyelet, but was not soldered! That fault kept me busy troubleshooting for a while until I found it. The terminals are built really tight and hidden.
The phone was found only 50 km from the Siemens factory in Bocholt (near the dutch border) where it was made 1954. It may never have been released by the quality control, but taken home by an employee as defective. But that is only a vague suspicion. The dial does not show any wear though.

I had found an ivory Trommelwähler earlier in 2021, but sold it for parts. It had important parts missing an a shattered shell. Now I wish I had kept the wiring harness...

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I used the bright day we had (and some 6% peroxide hair salon creme) to brighten up the cord a little. Pics are before and after. As it can be seen in one of the other pics further up, the cord originally was almost white, and still is inside the housing. I could not restore that color, but it now matches the ivory shell.



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