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WE factory 2-51 500

Started by Vern P, January 27, 2022, 07:01:04 PM

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Vern P

Found this at the antique shop I sell at for $49.
Base 2-51 w/500 on the nose of the base. Housing 2-27-51, Net 10-50, Ringer no mark dated 12-50, Extra can  Nov 30 1950, dial 7A 2-51, back painted bezel, Line cord cut, clip IV-50, Stright handset cord I-50, Handset back bone 2-51, Bakelite both caps stamped 21 (?), U1 2-27-51, T1 2-51.

A few months ago found a 1937 302 with vents for $90.
Both were more that I sell the same phones at the shop, got funny looks.

Vern P

More pictures.  Vern