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Western Electric 233G pay phone

Started by Logan1, August 02, 2022, 07:21:01 PM

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I'm new to this forum, what I need to no is on a 233G I just picked up needs a new receiver, but I do not no what to look for. Are they interchangeable or do I have to get one with the steel cord atached,  Thanks for the help.  I may go t shipshewana to check out the phone swap meet.
Worked at Western Electric in Plymouth Mich


It needs a new receiver?  Does it have a existing receiver?  If the existing is already cracked you can just somehow destroy them and then buy a new handset a regular g1 G3 handset.  Or even the ones that say Bell System Property NOT FOR SALE.  You can also put a curly cord on it but that would look out of place at least in my opinion.