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Keys for payphone

Started by David3146, December 11, 2022, 12:27:02 PM

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I have this Western Electric payphone and would like to get it open and have all the locks functioning.  I also need to open it to get the mounting plate off so I can mount it at some point.  Is there keys I can get to open this, I heard drilling was not the best option but would like to open this phone.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your time.


Hate to say this.... But you're out of lock, and the only result is going to be drilling out the lock.  That is a ABOLY disk lock, and not a regional bell operating company telephone lock. If it was a WE lock you could find keys but seems your out of luck.  One thing is possibly in order to see if the phone is working order is there a telephone wire coming out of back?  A decent length, if so you can splice it to your telephone line and test to see if it works.


The Abloy lock may not even be working. We have a member here that cuts payphone keys. He may be able to cut one for the regular lock. He will probably comment here. Once you get a key for that lock try to open it, hopefully that will be it! If the Abloy lock is working, as already stated, it will need to be drilled,  there are no keys for that.
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