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Manual switchboards.

Started by Kenny C, August 11, 2010, 05:36:43 PM

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Kenny C

Are there any more of them in use on phone lines? Our phone switchboard is one that was made from the mid 1960s and was obsolite in 1975 its not manual. I think it has a 10,000 call capicity. Sometimes when there is something big going on and you try to make a call you will get,"Were sorry all circuts are busy now, please try again later". And also are there any more party lines in use?
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No manual (switchboard) service, and no party lines.  They're all things of the past. The not-too-distant past, actually. The last manual system in the US (it was in Maine) was changed over to automatic in 1983, and Nevada shut down it's last party line in 2001, which surely must have been one of the last ones, if not the very last.

Keep in mind that the switchboards you see on ebay weren't used by the phone company.  They were installed in private companies, and used for their own internal telephone system.