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For you switchers out there. Test Desk? On Craig's List

Started by Greg G., July 31, 2012, 02:36:38 PM

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Greg G.

I don't have any interest in these, but it looks to be in very good shape so I though I would pass it along.  I have no idea if the $250 asking price is within reason or not. ( dead link 02-21-21 )

QuoteAntique Telephone switchboard - $250 (Eastside)

Date: 2012-07-30, 6:49PM PDT
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Don't know a thing about it other then it's neat. I was going to build a small building on the property, put this in it along with a counter, maybe an old telegraph etc. Make it look like an old post office etc. Never found the time and it's just sat for the several yrs I've had it. If you have an old store building and some space it would look great.
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It sort of looks like some sort of "test desk" rather than an actual cord board/switchboard.



Looks pretty neat whatever it is... :)