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Western Electric 1AB relay issues

Started by MaximRecoil, October 02, 2012, 10:25:11 AM

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I'm not sure which forum this should be in, because it is a Western Electric relay, but the chassis is a Protel 8000.

Either way, the relay usually works properly, but sometimes it doesn't release the coin when you hang up. You can hear the relay cycle, but the coin doesn't drop. When this happens you can just make another call, put another coin in, and hang up before it completes, and you'll get both coins back in the coin return slot (assuming it doesn't malfunction again, which it usually doesn't).

What could make it so the relay cycles but the coin doesn't go anywhere?

The 4.8 volt battery pack is new and tests fine by the way.


Did you ever get this issue resolved? I also have an issue with the 1AB Relay in a 1D2 phone. Thanks in advance for any assistance! :)

Stan S

The coins don't fall sometimes because the coin trap isn't completely dropping out of the way.
Over time these parts wear out. The travel of the coin trap can be adjusted.
If you slightly bend the tab shown in the picture it will force the coin trap to drop fully.
You can check all this by looking down the throat of the hopper while you manually operate the
armature of the coin relay. Don't go crazy bending the tab! JUST A LITTLE BIT!
The reason the coins drop sometimes and sometimes NOT depends on where on the coin trap the coin lands.
See picture

Stan S

This view may be clearer.