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Find of the Month - January 2013

Started by AE_Collector, January 01, 2013, 02:36:34 AM

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Find of the Month - January 2013

Nick in Manitou's "Haul" of 16 Phones for $90 from Jim S.
7 (18.9%)
Babybearjs' NIB Sand Beige AE 187 Keyset for $20.50 on ebaY
4 (10.8%)
Kleenax's Gold Plated Ericofon from an Antique Store for $35
7 (18.9%)
AE_Collector's Autelco (AE48?) Speakerphone for $25 on ebaY
8 (21.6%)
Zaphod01's WECo 500 11-1951 for $15.95 on ebaY
2 (5.4%)
unbeldi's "heemaf 1955" for $14.99 on ebaY
2 (5.4%)
PaulF's "almost Clear" & "Slightly Miniature" AE 34 for free!
21 (56.8%)
Gilas Oxford Gray WECo 500 for $19.95 BIN on ebaY
21 (56.8%)
Vern P's WE Yellow 554 matching dates 6-2-56 found at HIS PLACE!
4 (10.8%)
AdamAnt316's 5302 & June 1952 500T for $30
4 (10.8%)

Total Members Voted: 37


Okay, just before the excitement with Maureen's Mod 1 Videophone really heats up (two days to go) lets get the January 2013 "Find of the Month" rolling.

Lots of entries this month, 10 to be exact. With that many entries EVERYONE GETS 3 VOTES so be sure to vote for the 3 that would be YOUR "Find of the Month" had you been in the right place at the right time like these 10 CRPF members were this time around.



We have a record number of voters this month....30 so far. Back in February 2012 we hit 29 voters and we have had 28 several times before but 30 is a record.

We also have a VERY close tie at the moment so a few more voters might make it a more definitive decision. If you didn't use all 3 of your votes this month, come back and vote for another item or two.

Four days left to vote.....



Well it looks as though we have our frst Tie for "Find of the Month"! At least I think it is the first tie.

Two clear cut winners (if that makes any sense)! Two very diverse items tied for a win this month.

A rare and beautiful as well as much sought after phone and then there was Gilas' Oxford gray 500! I couldn't resist...of course I WAS referring to Gilas beautiful Oxford gray 500. Then there is Pauls clear AE 34 that could have just as likely been tossed in the garbage but what a rare example of an AE34 it is and with the incredible way that is has shrunk it provides some insite into the shrinking thermoplastic problem since we know that it was stored in a likely very hot garage in Florida. A phone that many of us would love to own even considering the very poor shape that it is in.  

I will split the winners check in half and get it in the mail to each of you so that you can quickly get back to searching for next months "Find of the Month". Congratulations to you both and thanks to everyone  for submitting their "Finds of the Month".

Did I mention that my Autelco "AE 48" Speakerphone came in third!...anyone.... I'm asking?



the 187 got returned to the seller.... USPS again.... loosing stuff, not scanning boxes, etc. the seller is sending FedEx and hopefully I'll have by march!



As long as it doesn't arrive in several packages !

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