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Old ads

Started by rdelius, June 09, 2014, 08:42:46 PM

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Might be of interest
Have much more


Thanks Robby.

This is a great idea for a topic, and could quickly become a collection of ads on many topics and companies.

It might be better placed here:

...and it would be a good idea to have separate topics for the major manufacturers or product types (such as housing covers, dial attachments, automatic dialers, dictation systems, intercoms, ...)
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Cool ads, my favorite is the SC one, with the 5 line set. I saw one at Doug's switching stand at Lancaster and I really liked it after using it with it's swift external mounted keys.



If the posting will fit another forum, do I have to move it or does the moderator?.I have wired many of those keysets to work on a 1A2  system. The SC 6k was a 1A1 system and was very similar.I was doing lots of reasearch years ago and photocopied lots of  telephone information.Shered some with Ron at Phoneco for a book he was working on but I guess it never got finished or printed