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Patent Information - W.E. "A1"Desk Set & W.E. Cellulose Acetate Number Plate

Started by Ktownphoneco, March 06, 2016, 04:22:53 PM

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Afternoon all .....    I've located more telephone related patents in the data banks of the U.S. Patent & Copyright Office web site, and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, and which might be of interest to anyone interested in telephone history.     The first is the patent for Western's first desk set, the "A1".     The inventor listed is "George K., THOMPSON" of Maplewood, NJ.     The patent was assigned to the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, New York, NY.    It was issued September 16th, 1924.       The drawings of the set used in patent applications are very accurate, so it's a good source of information for the first set made.     Both the U.S and Canadian patents are included here.

The second patent isn't of "earth shattering" importance, but there always seems to be a good number of postings over the course of a calendar year about Western's cellulose - Acetate covered number plates.
The patent outlines exactly how they were made at the time of manufacture.   I'm including a picture for quick reference, which show the layers and material applied to the basic steel plate.
The inventors for this number plate are W.W. Werring of Brooklyn, NY., and T.S. Huxham of Chatham, NJ.       The patent was issued on May 28th, 1935, and assigned to the Bell Telephone Laboratories Inc., New York, NY.

Attn: Unbeldi :   Karl ..  Canadian Patents included if you need them for your research file.

Jeff Lamb