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Generic Acronym List

Started by TelePlay, April 30, 2017, 04:00:53 PM

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Generic Acronym List  ( last updated 04-18-2020 )


  16-QAM --   16 (points) Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
  3D --   3-Dimensional
  4GL --   Fourth Generation Language
  5B6B --   5 data Bits, 6 transmission Bits


  A/D --   Analog / Digital (converter)
  AAAI --   American Association for Artificial Intelligence
  AAB --   Auto Answer Back
  AAL --   ATM Adaptive Layer
  ABA --   American Banks Association
  ABI --   Application Binary Interface (Unix)
  ABM --   Asynchronous Balanced Mode
  AC --   Alternating Current (CA)
  ACE --   Advanced Computer Environment
  ACIA --   Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
  ACK --   ACKnowledge (char 06 - 06H)
  ACM --   Association for Computing Machinery
  ACTA --   American Carriers Telecommunication Association
  ADC --   Analog Digital Converter (A/D)
  ADCCMP --   Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures (ANSI X3.66)
  ADPCM --   Adaptive Differential Pulse Coded Modulation
  ADSL --   Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
  AE or AE --   Automatic Electric Group
  AEA --   American Electronics Association
  AFC --   Automatic Frequency Control
  AFNOR --   Association Fran‡aise de NORmalization
  AGC --   Automatic Gain Control
  AGC --   Automatic Generation Control
  AI --   Artificial Intelligence
  AIN --   Advanced Intelligent Network
  AKA --   Also Known As
  ALN --   Adaptive Logic Network
  ALU --   Arithmetic and Logic Unit
  AM --   Amplitude Modulation
  AM/FM --   Automatic Mapping / Facility Management
  AMI --   Alternate Mark Inversion
  AMPS --   Advanced Mobile Phone System (TIA 553)
  AMR --   Automatic Meter Reading
  ANI --   Automatic Number Identification (tel)
  ANOVA --   ANalysis Of VAriance
  ANSA --   Advanced Network System Architecture
  ANSI --   American National Standards Institute (NY)
  APD --   Avalanche Photo Diode
  API --   Application Program Interface
  APPC --   Advanced Program to Program Communication (IBM)
  APPN --   Advanced Peer to Peer Networking (IBM)
  ARCnet --   Attached Resource Computer NETwork
  ARO --   After Receipt of Order
  ARP --   Address Resolution Protocol (Layer 3)
  ARQ --   Automatic Repeat reQuest
  ASA --   American Standards Association
  ASAP --   As Soon As Possible
  ASCII --   American Standard Code for Information Interchange (7 bits - ANSI - CCITT N¦5)
  ASIC --   Application Specific Integrated Circuit
  ASK --   Amplitude Shift Keying
  ASME --   American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  ASN.1 --   Abstract Syntax Notation 1 (ISO 8824 8825)
  AT --   Apple Talk
  AT --   ATtention (Hayes Modems Command Prefix)
  AT&T --   American Telegraph & Telephone
  ATCA --   Antique Telephone Collectors Association
  ATE --   Automatic Test Equipment
  ATM --   Asynchronous Transfer Mode (Cell-Switching, Fast Packet)
  ATM --   Automated Teller Machine
  ATV --   Advanced TeleVision
  AUI --   Attachment Unit Interface (Ethernet, 15-pin)
  AVC --   Automatic Volume Control
  AWG --   American Wire Gauge


  B&W --   Black and White (TV)
  BABT --   British Approval Board for Telecommunications
  BACnet --   Building Automation and Control NETwork
  Balun --   BALanced-UNbalanced
  BASIC --   Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  BAW --   Bulk Acoustic Wave
  BBS --   Bulletin Board Service
  BCC --   Block Check Character
  BCD --   Binary Coded Decimal
  BCH --   Bose Chaudhuri Hocquenguem (code)
  BER --   Bit Error Rate
  BERT --   Bit Error Rate Tester
  BFT --   Binary File Transfer
  BGP --   Border Gateway Protocol
  BHC --   Busy Hour Calls (tel)
  B-ICI --   Broad band Inter-Carrier Interface
  BiCMOS --   Bipolar Complementary Metal Oxide Silicon
  BIL --   Basic impulse Insulation Level
  BIOS --   Basic Input/Output System
  B-ISDN --   Broad band Integrated Services Digital Network
  BISUP --   Broad band ISdn User Part
  BISYNC --   BISYNChronous (BSC IBM)
  bit --   BInary digiT
  BITNET --   Because It's Time NETwork
  BNC --   Bayonet (Baby? ) Normalized Connector
  BNF --   Backus-Naur Form
  BOF --   Birds Of a Feather
  bpi --   Bits Per Inch
  bps --   Bits Per Second
  BPSK --   Binary Phase Shift Keying
  BQFP --   Bumpered Quad Flat Pack
  BRA --   Basic Rate Access
  BRI --   Basic Rate Interface (ISDN: 2x64+16 kbps)
  BSC --   Binary Synchronous Communication protocol (BISYNC - IBM)
  BSD --   Berkeley System Distribution (Unix)
  BSI --   British Standards Institution (London)
  BSP --   Binary Space Partition (tree)
  BSS --   Broad band Switching System
  BZT --   Bundesamt f'r Zulassungen in der Telekommunication (Germany)


  CAD --   Computer Aided Design
  CAI --   Computer Aided Instruction
  CAM --   Computer Aided Manufacturing
  CAM --   Content Addressable memory
  CAMAC --   Computer Automated Measurement And Control
  CAN --   Controller Area Network (Bosch Intel)
  CASE --   Computer Aided Software Engineering
  CAST --   Computer Aided Software Testing
  CAT --   Computerized Axial Tomography
  CATV --   Community Antenna (CAble?) TeleVision
  CB --   Citizens Band
  CBDS --   Connectionless Broadband Data Service
  CBR --   Constant Bit Rate
  CCD --   Charge-Coupled Device
  CCIR --   Comit‰ Consultif International des Radiocomunications œ (ITU - Genˆve)
  CCITT --   Comit‰ Consultif International T‰l‰graphique et T‰l‰phonique œ (ITU - Genˆve)
  CCS --   Common Channel Signalling (SS7) (tel)
  CCTV --   Closed Circuit TeleVision
  CD --   Carrier Detect (V24)
  CD --   Compact Disc
  CD-A --   Compound Document Architecture
  CDDI --   Copper Distributed Data Interface
  CDE --   Common Desktop Environment
  CDMA --   Code Division Multiple Access (Cellular, IS-95)
  CDPD --   Cellular Digital Packet Data
  CD-R --   Compact Disc Rewriteable
  CD-ROM --   Compact Disc Read Only Memory
  CEBus --   Consumer Electronic Bus
  CEPT --   Conference Europ‰enne de Postes et T‰l‰communications
  CERT --   Computer Emergency Response Team ( - 412 268 7090)
  cfm --   Cubic Feet by Minute
  CGI --   Computer Generated Images
  CGM --   Computer Graphics Metafile
  CHAP --   Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
  CHRL --   Common Hardware R Platform (Power PC)
  CIDR --   Classless InterDomain Routing
  CIE --   Commission International de l'Eclairage (Paris)
  CIF --   Cargo, Insurance & Freight
  CIGRE --   Conference Internationale des Grandes Reseaux El‰ctriques (Paris)
  CIM --   Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  CIPM --   Comit‰ Internationale des Poids et Mesures (Paris)
  CIR --   Committed Information Rate
  CIRC --   Cross Interleaved Reed-salomon Code
  CISC --   Complex Instruction Set Computer
  CITEL --   Comision Interamericana de TELecomunicaciones
  CLNP --   ConnectionLess Network Protocol (ISO)
  CLNS --   Connection Less Network Service (ISO 8473)
  CMIP --   Common Management Information Protocol (ISO)
  CMOS --   Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  C-MOS --   Complementary Metal-Oxide Silicon
  CMRR --   Common Mode Rejection Rate
  CMYK --   Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK
  CNR --   Carrier to Noise Ratio
  COBOL --   COmmon Business Oriented Language
  CORBA --   Common Request Object Broker Architecture
  COS --   Corporation of Open Systems (International)
  CPE --   Customer Premises Equipment
  cpi --   Characters Per Inch
  cps --   Characters Per Second
  CPU --   Central Processor Unit
  CR --   Carriage Return (char 13 - 0DH)
  CRC --   Cyclic Redundancy Check
  CRCC --   Cyclic Redundancy Check Character
  CRPF --   Classic Rotary Phones Forum
  CRT --   Cathode Ray Tube
  CSA --   Canadian Standards Association (Rexdale)
  CSMA/CD --   Carrier Sense with Multiple Access/Collision Detection (Ethernet IEEE 802.3)
  CSU --   Channel Service Unit
  CT --   Cordless Telephony
  CTD --   Charge Transfer Device
  CTI --   Computer-Telephony Integration
  CTIA --   Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association
  CTM --   Centralized Technical Management
  CTR --   Common Technical Requirement (Europe)
  CTS --   Clear To Send
  CW --   Continuous Wave


  D/A --   Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)
  DA(S) --   Distribution Automation (System)
  DAB --   Digital Audio Broadcasting
  DAC --   Digital to Analog Converter (D/A)
  DAMA --   Demand Assigned Multiple Access
  DAT --   Digital Audio Tape
  dB --   DeciBel
  dBm --   DeciBels (relative to 1 mw)
  DBMS --   Data Base Management System
  DBS --   Direct Broadcast Satellite
  DBS --   Direct Broadcast Service
  DBT --   Deutsche Bundespost Telekom
  DC --   Direct Current
  DCC --   Digital Compact Cassette
  DCE --   Data Circuit-terminating Equipment
  DCE --   Distributed Computing Environment (OSF)
  DCFL --   Direct Coupled Field effect transistor Logic
  DCML --   Differential Current Mode Logic
  DCN --   Data Communications Network
  DCS --   Desktop Color Separation
  DCS --   Distributed Control System
  DCS --   Dynamic Channel Selection
  DCT --   Digital Cordless Telephone
  DCT --   Discrete Cosine Transform
  DCTL --   Direct Coupled Transistor Logic
  DDCMP --   Digital Data Communications Message Protocol (DEC)
  DDD --   Direct long Distance Dialing (tel)
  DDE --   Dynamic Data Exchange (MS Windows)
  DDI --   Direct Dialing Inward  (UK & Oceania areas)
  DDS --   Digital Data System
  DDS --   Digital Data Standard (tapes)
  DEA --   Data Encryption Algorithm
  DECNET --   Digital Equipment Corporation NETwork
  DECT --   Digital European Cordless Telecommunications
  DES --   Data Encryption Standard (NBS)
  DFR --   Digital Fault (/transient) Recorder
  DFSK --   Double Frequency Shift Keying
  DFT --   Discrete Fourier Transform
  DHCP --   Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  DID --   Direct Inward Dialing (US)
  DIMM --   Dual In line Memory Module
  DIN --   Deutsche Industrie Norm (Germany)
  DIP --   Dual In-line Package
  DIU --   Data Interface Unit
  DIW --   type D Inside Wire (STP)
  DIX --   Digital Intel Xerox (Ethernet)
  DLC --   Data Link Control (sub-layer 2)
  DLC --   Digital Loop Carrier
  DLE --   Data Link Escape (char 16 - 10H))
  DLG --   Digital Line Graph (vector map files format)
  DLL --   Dynamic Link Library (Windows)
  DLSw --   Data Link SWitching
  DM --   Delta Modulation
  DMA --   Direct Memory Access
  DME --   Distributed Management Environment
  DMI --   Desktop Management Interface
  DMM --   Digital MultiMeter
  DMS --   Distribution Management System
  DMTF --   Desktop Management Task Force
  DNIC --   Data Network Identification Code (X-121)
  DNS --   Domain Name System (Internet )
  DO --   Diode Outlook
  DPDT --   Double-Pole Double-Throw (switch)
  dpi --   Dots Per Inch
  DPSK --   Differential Phase Shift Keying
  DQDB --   Distributed Queue Dual Bus
  DQPSK --   Differential Quaternary Phase Shift Keying
  DRAM --   Dynamic Random Access Memory
  DS/CDMA --   Direct Sequence CDMA
  DS/SS --   Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
  DS-3 --   Digital Signalling level 3 (44.768 Mbps)
  DSI --   Digital Speech Interpolation
  DSL --   Digital Subscriber Line
  DSM --   Demand Side Management
  DSO --   Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  DSP --   Digital Signal Processing
  DSS1 --   Digital Subscriber Signalling System 1 (tel)
  DSU --   Data Service Unit
  DTE --   Data Terminal Equipment
  DTL --   Diode-Transistor Logic
  DTMF --   Dual Tone MultiFrequency (signalling)
  DTP --   DeskTop Publishing
  DTR --   Data Terminal Ready
  DTU --   Data Terminal Unit
  DVD --   Digital Video (Versatile?) Disc
  DVI --   Digital Video Interactive (Intel)
  DVM --   Digital Volt Meter
  DVST --   Direct View Storage Tube
  DXF --   Drawing eXchange file Format
  DXI --   Data eXchange Interface


  E&M --   rEceive & transMit (telef, signalling) (Ear & Mouth?)
  e.g. --   Exempli Gratia
  E1 --   European 1 (2048 bps, 30-channel PCM)
  EBCDIC --   Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (IBM)
  EBU --   European Broadcast Union
  EC --   European Commission
  EC --   European Community
  ECB --   Electronic Code Book (DES)
  ECG --   ElectroCardioGram
  ECL --   Emitter-Coupled Logic
  ECM --   Electronic Counter Measures
  ECMA --   European Computer Manufacturers Association (Genˆve)
  ECU --   European Currency Unit
  EDFA --   Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
  EDH --   Electronic Data Handling
  EDI --   Electronic Data Interchange
  EDIFACT --   Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Trade
  EDO --   Extended Data Out (memory)
  EDP --   Electronic Data Processing
  EDT --   Eastern Daylight-saving Time
  EEPROM --   Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only-Memory
  EFT --   Electronic Funds Transfer
  EGA --   Enhanced Graphics Adapter
  EGP --   Exterior Gateway Protocol
  EHV --   Extra High Voltage
  EIA --   Electronic Industries Association (Washington)
  EIRP --   Effective Isotropic Radiated Power
  EISA --   Extended ISA (PC Bus - 32 bits)
  EL --   Electro-Luminiscent
  ELD --   Electro-Luminiscent Display
  EM --   Electro-Magnetic
  EMC --   Electro-Magnetic Compatibility
  EMF --   Electro-Motive Force
  EMI --   Electro-Magnetic Interference
  EMP --   Electro-Magnetic Pulse
  EMR --   Electro-Magnetic Radiation
  EMS --   Energy Management System
  EMS --   Expanded Memory Specification
  EOF --   End Of File
  EOF --   End Of Frame
  EOP --   End Of Packet
  EOS --   Electrical OverStress
  EOT --   End Of Transmission (char 4 - 04H)
  EPA --   Environment Protection Agency
  EPP --   Enhanced Parallel Port
  EPRI --   Electric Power Research Institute (Palo Alto)
  EPROM --   Erasable Programmable Read-Only-Memory
  EPS --   Encapsulated Post Script
  EQ --   Equipment Qualification
  E-R --   Entity-Relationship (diagram)
  ERC --   European Radio Commission
  ERP --   Effective Radiated Power
  ESC --   ESCape (char 027 - 1BH)
  ESD --   Electronic Software Distribution
  ESD --   ElectroStatic Discharge
  ESDI --   Enhanced Small Device Interface
  ESN --   Electronic Serial Number
  ESPRIT --   European Strategic Program for Research and development of Information Technology
  EST --   Eastern Standard Time
  ETB --   End of Text Block (char 023 - 17H)
  ETC --   Enhanced Throughput Cellular
  ETSI --   European Telecommunications Standards Institute (Cedex - F)
  ETX --   End of TeXt (char 3 - 03H)
  EV --   Electric Vehicle
  eV --   Electron Volt (1,602x10-19 J)
  EVC --   Enhanced Video Connector (VESA)
  EXOR --   EXclusive OR


  FAQ --   Frequently Asked Questions
  FAT --   File Allocation Table
  FAX --   FAcsimile
  FBW --   Fly By Wire
  FC --   Fibre Channel
  FCC --   Federal Communications Commission (Washington)
  FCS --   Frame Check Sequence
  FD --   Flexible (Floppy) Disk
  FDDI --   Fiber Distributed Data Interface (ISO 9314)
  FDM --   Frequency Division Multiplex
  FDX --   Full DupleX
  FEA --   Finite Elements Analysis
  FEC --   Forward Error Correction
  FEP --   Front End Processor
  FERAM --   Ferro Electric Random Access Memory
  FET --   Field Effect Transistor
  FEXT --   Far End cross Talk
  FFT --   Fast Fourier Transform
  FH/SS --   Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
  FHP --   Fractional Horse Power (motor)
  FHT --   Fast Hartley Transform
  FIFO --   First In, First Out
  FIP --   Factory Information Protocol
  FIPS --   Federal Information Processing Standard
  FITL --   Fiber In The Loop
  FLAG --   Fiber optic Link Around the Globe
  FLC --   Fuzzy Logic Control
  FLOP --   FLoating point OPeration
  FLP --   FLuorescent Panel
  FM --   Frequency Modulation
  FOB --   Free On Boards
  FOIRL --   Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link (Ethernet - IEEE 802.3c .3d)
  FOR --   Forced Output Rate
  FORTRAN --   FORmula TRANslator
  FOT --   Fiber Optic Transceiver
  FP --   Flat Pack (SMD)
  FP --   Function Points
  FPD --   Flat Panel Display
  FPDI --   Flat Panel Display Interface
  FPGA --   Field Programmable Gate Array
  FPU --   Floating Point Unit
  FR --   Frame Relay
  FRAD --   Frame Relay Access Device
  FSK --   Frequency Shift Keying
  FT1 --   Fractional T1
  FTAM --   File Transfer, Access and Management
  FTP --   File Transfer Protocol
  FTP --   Foiled Twisted Pair (ScTP)
  FTTC --   Fiber To The Curb
  FTTH --   Fiber To The Home
  FTZ --   Fernmelde Technischen Zentralamt (Darmstadt)
  FWHM --   Full-Width at Half Maxima
  FYI --   For Your Information


  GaAs --   GAlium ArSenide
  GaAsP --   GAlium ArSenide Phosphide
  GaN --   GAllium Nitride
  GEO --   Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
  GIF --   Graphics Interchange Format
  GIGO --   Garbage In, Garbage Out
  GII --   Global Information Infrastructure
  GII --   Global Information Infrastructure
  GIS --   Gas Insulated Switchgear
  GIS --   Geographical Information System
  GKS --   Graphical Kernel System
  GMSK --   Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying
  GMT --   Greenwich Meridian Time
  GND --   GrouND (0V)
  GoS --   Grade Of Service
  GOSIP --   Government OSI Profile
  GPIB --   General Purpose Instruments Bus (HP-IB, IEEE-488)
  GPS --   Global Positioning System
  GSC --   Global Standards Collaboration
  GSM --   Global Standard for Mobile
  GSM --   Groupe Speciale Mobile
  GTO --   Gate Turn-Off (thyristor)
  GUI --   Graphical User Interface


  HBT --   Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
  HD --   Hard Disk
  HD --   High Density
  HDB --   High Density Bipolar (code)
  HDB3 --   High Density Bipolar 3-level (code)
  HDD --   Hard Disk Drive
  HDF --   Hierarchical Data Format
  HDI --   High Density Interface (connector)
  HDL --   Hardware Description Language
  HDLC --   High level Data Link Control (IBM, Layer 2) (ISO 4335)
  HDSL --   High rate Digital Subscriber Loop (Line?)
  HDTV --   High Definition TeleVision
  HDX --   Half DupleX
  HERF --   High Energy Radio Frequency
  HF --   High Frequency
  HFC --   Hybrid Fiber/Coaxial network
  HI --   Host Interface
  Hiperlan --   HIgh PErformance Radio LAN
  HiPPI --   HIgh Performance Parallel Interface
  HLL --   High Level Logic
  HLN --   High Level Network
  HLS --   Hue Lightness Saturation (color)
  HMA --   High Memory Area
  HMD --   Head Mounted Display
  HMI --   Human-Machine Interface
  HP --   Horse Power (746 W)
  HPCC --   High Performance Computing and Communications
  HPGL --   Hewlett Packard Graphic Language
  HP-IB --   Hewlett Packard Instrument Bus (GPIB)
  HP-PCL --   Hewlett Packard Plotter Control Language
  HSB --   Hue Saturation Brightness (color)
  HSL --   Hue Saturation Lightness (color)
  HSSI --   High Speed Serial Interface
  HSTP --   High Speed Transport Protocol
  HSV --   Hue Saturation Value (color)
  HT --   Horizontal Tab (TAB, char 09 - 09H)
  HTL --   High Threshold Logic
  HTML --   HyperText Mark-up Language (WWW)
  HUD --   Head Up Display
  HV --   High Voltage
  HVAC --   Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  HVC --   Hue Value Chroma (color)
  HVDC --   High Voltage Direct Current


  I&A --   Identification & Authentication
  I/O --   Input/Output
  IBDN --   Integrated Building Distribution Network
  IBOC --   In Band On Channel
  IBS --   Intelsat Business Services
  IC --   Integrated Circuit
  IC --   Inter-exchange Carrier
  I-CASE --   Integrated Computer -Aided Software Engineering
  ICEA --   Insulated Cable Engineers Association
  ICMP --   Internet Control Message Protocol
  ICO --   Intermediate Circular Orbit
  ICW --   Interrupted Continuous Wave
  ID --   IDentity, IDentifier
  IDE --   Integrated Drive Electronics (interface)
  IDF --   Intermediate Distribution Frame (tel)
  IDF --   Interface Definition Language
  IDLC --   Integrated Digital Loop Carrier
  IDP --   Internet Data Packet
  IDRP --   InterDomain Routing Protocol (ISO)
  IEC --   Inter Exchange Carrier
  IEC --   International Electrotechnical Comission (Genˆve)
  IEE --   Institute of Electrical Engineers (London)
  IEEE --   Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers (NY)
  IETF --   Internet Engineering Task Force
  IF --   Intermediate Frequency
  IFL --   Inter-Facility Link
  IGBT --   Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
  IGES --   Initial Graphics Exchange Standard
  IGFET --   Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor
  IGP --   Interior Gateway Protocol
  ILD --   Injection Laser Diode
  ILS --   Instrument Landing System
  IMA --   Interactive Multimedia Association
  IMAP --   Internet Message Access Protocol
  IMD --   InterModulation Distortion
  IMPATT --   IMPact Avalanche Transit Time
  IMTS --   Improved Mobile Telephone System
  IN --   Intelligent Network
  INA --   Integrated Network Architecture
  INMARSAT -- INternational MARitime SATellite
  INTELSAT --   INternational TELecommunications SATellite organization
  IP --   Internetwork Protocol (layer 3)
  IPng --   Internet Protocol Next Generation (IETF)
  IPv6 --   Internet Protocol Version 6
  IPX --   Internet Packet Exchange (Netware, layer 3)
  IR --   InfraRed
  IRED --   InfraRed Emitting Diode
  IRL --   Inter Repeater Link (Ethernet)
  IRQ --   Interrupt ReQuest line (vector)
  IS --   Interim Standard (EIA)
  ISA --   Industry Standard Architecture (PC bus)
  ISA --   Instrumentation Society of America
  ISBN --   International Standard Book Number
  ISCC --   Inter-Society Color Council
  ISDN --   Integrated Services Data Network
  IS-IS --   Intermediate System-Intermediate System routing exchange protocol (layer 3, ISO)
  ISM --   Instrumentation, Scientific and Medical (Band)
  ISO --   International Standards Organization (Genˆve)
  ISP --   Internet Service Provider
  ISR --   International Simple Resale
  ITR --   Integrated Thyristor / Rectifier
  ITS90 --   International Temperature Scale 1990
  ITSC --   International Telecommunications Standards Conference
  ITU --   International Telecommunications Union (Genˆve)
  ITU-R --   ITU Telecommunications Union - Radio Communications Sector
  ITU-T --   ITU Telecommunications Union - Telecommunications Sector
  ITU-TS --   ITU Telecommunications Standardization
  IVA --   Integrated Voice Application
  IVDLAN --   Integrated Voice/Data Local Area Network (IEEE 802.9)
  IVHS --   Intelligent Vehicle Highway System


  JCL --   Job Control Language
  JDC --   Japan's Digital Communications
  JEDEC --   Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council
  JEIDA --   Japan Electronic Industry Development Association
  JIS --   Japan Industry Standard
  JIT --   Just In Time
  JPEG --   Joint Photographic Experts Group
  JTC --   Joint Technical Committee
  KB --   Knowledge Base (AI)


  KB --   KiloBytes
  kbps --   Kilo Bits Per Second
  KWIC --   KeyWord In Context


  LAN --   Local Area Network
  LAP --   Link Access Procedure
  LAP-B --   Link Access Procedure, Balanced (Multilink operation procedure, X25)
  LAP-D --   Link Access Procedure, D Channel
  LAP-M --   Link Access Procedure for Modems
  LASER --   Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  LAT --   Local Area Transport (DEC,Ethernet)
  LATA --   Local Area Terminal Access (USA)
  LCD --   Liquid Crystal Display
  LD --   Laser Disc
  LDF --   Low Density Foam (cables)
  LEC --   Local Exchange Carrier
  LED --   Light Emitting Diode
  LEO --   Low Earth Orbit
  LERP --   Low End Reference Platform
  LF --   Line Feed (char 10 -0AH)
  LIBOR --   London Inter Bank flOating Rate
  LIDAR --   LIght Detection And Ranging
  LIF --   Low Insertion Force
  LIFO --   Last in, First Out
  LIM EMS --   Lotus-Intel-Microsoft Expanded Memory Specification
  LIP --   Large Internet Packet
  LLC --   Logical Link Control
  LMI --   Link Management Interface (Frame Relay)
  LNA --   Low Noise Amplifier
  LNC --   Low Noise Converter
  LNM --   LAN Network Management (IBM)
  LP --   Linear Programming
  LPC --   Linear Predictive Coding
  lpi --   Lines Per Inch
  LQ --   Letter Quality
  LSAP --   Link layer Service Access Point
  LSB --   Least Significant Bit
  LSI --   Large Scale Integration
  LUN --   Logical Unit Number
  LUT --   Look Up Table
  LZ-78 --   Lempel & Ziv 1978 (compression)
  LZW --   Lempel, Ziv & Welch


  MAC --   Media Access Control (sub-layer 2)
  MAC --   Multiplexed Analog Components (TV)
  MAN --   Metropolitan Area Networks
  MAP --   Manufacturing Automation Protocol
  MAPs --   Multiple Access ProtocolS
  MAS --   Multiple Address System
  MASER --   Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  MAU --   Medium Attachment Unit (Ethernet)
  MBE --   Molecular Beam Epitaxy
  MBone --   Multicast backBONE (Internet)
  MC --   Micro Channel (IBM)
  MCA --   Micro Channel Architecture (IBM)
  MCGA --   MultiColor Graphics Array
  MCM --   Multi Chip Module
  MCPC --   Multiple Channel Per Carrier
  MD --   Mini Disk
  MDA --   Monochrome Display Adapter
  MDF --   Main Distribution Frame (tel)
  MDI --   Medium Dependent Interface
  MEMS --   Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
  MEO --   Medium Earth Orbit
  MESFET --   MEtal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
  MFLOPS --   Million of FLoating point OPerationS
  MFM --   Modified Frequency Modulation
  MHS --   Message Handling Services
  MIB --   Management Information Base
  MIC --   Media Interface Connector
  MIC --   Monolithic Integrated Circuit
  MICR --   Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  MIDI --   Musical Instruments Digital Interface
  MIF --   Management Information File
  MIL --   MILitary standard (USA)
  MILSPEC --   MILitary SPECification (USA)
  MIME --   Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
  MIPS --   Millions of Instructions Per Second
  MIS --   Management Information System
  MIT --   Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
  MITI --   Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japan)
  MJTC --   MultiJunction Thermal Converter
  MKSA --   Meter Kilogram Second Ampere (SI)
  MMI --   Man Machine Interface
  MMIC --   Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
  MMW --   MilliMeter Waves
  MNOS --   Metal Nitride Oxide Semiconductor
  MNP --   Microcom Networking Protocol
  MO --   Magneto Optical (disk)
  MO/CD-R --   Magneto Optics Compact Disc Rewriteable
  Modem --   MOdulator-DEModulator
  MOS --   Metal-Oxide Silicon/Semiconductor
  MOSFET --   Metal-Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistor
  MOV --   Metal-Oxide Varistor
  MPC --   Multimedia Personal Computer
  MPEG --   Motion Picture Experts Group
  MPGA --   Mask Programmable Gate Array
  MPP --   Massively Parallel Processing
  MPS --   Message Passing System
  MPU --   Micro Processor Unit
  MS --   Master Station
  MSB --   Most Significant Bit
  MS-DOS --   MicroSoft Disk Operating System
  MSI --   Medium Scale Integration
  MSK --   Minimum Shift Keying
  MSS --   Mobile Satellite Service
  MTA --   Message Transfer Agent
  MTBF --   Mean Time Between Failures
  MTS --   Mobile Telephone System
  MTTR --   Mean Time To Repair
  MUX --   MUltipleXor
  MV --   Medium Voltage
  MVS --   Multiple Virtual Storage (IBM)
  MW --   Mega Watt
  MW --   Micro Wave
  MXI --   Multisystem eXtension Interface (bus)


  N/A --   Not Applicable
  NA --   Numeric Aperture
  NAU --   Network Access Point
  NAU --   Network Addressable Unit
  NBS --   National Bureau of Standards œ(NIST)
  NC --   Network Congestion (No Connection)
  NC --   Numeric Control
  NCC --   Network Control Center
  NCGA --   National Computer Graphics Association
  NCP --   Network Control Protocol (IBM)
  NCS --   National Communications System (USA)
  NEC --   National Electric Code (USA)
  NEMA --   National Electric Manufacturers Association (USA)
  NEP --   Noise Equivalent Power
  NESC --   National Electric Safety Code (USA)
  NET --   Normes Europ‰ennes de T‰l‰communications
  NEXT --   Near-End Cross Talk
  NF --   Noise Figure
  NFS --   Network File Services
  NIC --   Network Information Center (Internet)
  NIC --   Network Interface Card
  NiCad --   NIckel CADmium (battery)
  NII --   National Information Infrastructure
  NiMH --   NIckel Metal Hydride (battery)
  NIST --   National Institute of Standards & Technology
  NIU --   Network Interface Unit
  NLM --   Network Loadable Module (Netware)
  NMF --   Network Management Forum
  NMOS --   Negative Metal Oxide Silicon
  NMR(I) --   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Imaging)
  NMRR --   Normal Mode Rejection Rate
  NMS --   Network Management System
  NMT --   Nordic Mobile Telephone
  NNI --   Network Node Interface
  NOC --   Network Operating Center
  NPN --   Negative-Positive-Negative
  NPR --   Non Polarized Radial
  NRAM --   Non Volatile RAM
  NRZ --   Non Return to Zero
  NRZI --   Non Return to Zero Inverted
  NSAP --   Network Service Access Point
  NSF --   National Science Foundation
  NSFNet --   National Science Foundation NET
  NTC --   Negative Temperature Coefficient
  NTSC --   North american Television Standards Committee
  NVP --   Nominal Velocity of Propagation
  NVRAM --   Non-Volatile RAM


  OA&M --   Operations, Administration & Maintenance
  OBP --   Open Bridging Protocol
  OC-1 --   Optical Carrier level 1 (51.84 Mbps)
  OCR --   Optical Character Recognition
  OCWR --   Optical Continuos Wave Reflectometer
  OD --   Outside Diameter
  ODA --   Office Document Architecture (ISO 8613)
  ODBC --   Open Data Base Connectivity
  ODI --   Open Data-Link Interface (Netware)
  ODIF --   Office Document Interchange Format (ISO 8613)
  OEIC --   OptoElectronic Integrated Circuit
  OEM --   Original End-product Manufacturer
  OIG --   OSPF Interoperability Group
  OLE --   Object Linking and Embedding
  OLTP --   On Line Transaction Processing
  OMG --   Object Management Group
  OMT --   Ortho Mode Transducer (satellite)
  ONU --   Optical Network Unit
  OODB --   Object Oriented Data Base
  OOP --   Object Oriented Programming
  OpAmp --   OPerational AMPlifier
  OPGW --   overhead OPtical Ground Wave
  OPI --   Open Prepress Interface
  OQPSK --   Offset Quad Phone Shift Keying
  ORB --   Object Request Brokers
  ORL --   Optical Return Loss
  OS --   Operating System
  OSF --   Open Software Foundation
  OSI --   Open Systems Interconnection (ISO 7498)
  OSPF --   Open Shortest Path First
  OSS --   One-Stop Shopping
  OTDR --   Optical Time Domain Reflectometer


  PABX --   Private Automatic Branch eXchange
  PACS --   Personal Access Communications Services/System
  PAD --   Packet Assembler Disassembler (X.3,X.25)
  PAL --   Phase Alternating Line (TV)
  PAL --   Programmable Array Logic
  PAM --   Pulse Amplitude Modulation
  PAMR --   Public Access Mobile Radio (SMR)
  PAP --   Password Authentication Protocol
  PAX --   Private Automatic eXchange
  PBA --   Printed Board Assembly
  PBX --   Private Branch eXchange
  PC --   Personal Computer
  PC --   Program Counter
  PCB --   Printed Circuit Board
  PCCA --   Portable Computer and Communications Association
  PCI --   Protocol Control Information
  PCI --   Peripheral Components Interconnect (bus)
  PCM --   Pulse Code Modulation
  PCMCIA --   Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
  PCN --   Personal Communications Network (Europe)
  PCS --   Personal Communications Services (USA)
  PCSN --   Private Circuit Switching Network
  PDA --   Personal Digital Assistant
  PDC --   Personal Digital Cellular (Japan)
  PDF --   Portable Document Format
  PDFA --   Praseodymium Doped Fiber Amplifier
  PDH --   Plesiochronic Digital Hierarchy
  PDMA --   Polarization Division Multiple Access
  PDN --   Public Data Network
  PDS --   Processor Direct Slot
  PE --   PolyEthylene
  PECC --   Partially Error Controlled Connections
  PERL --   Practical Extraction and Report Language
  PERM --   Pre-Embossed Rigid Magnetic
  PERT --   Program Evaluation and Review Technique
  PET --   Positron Emission Tomography
  PHIGS --   Programmer's Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System
  PHS --   Personal Handy phone System (Japan)
  PIA --   Programmable Interface Adapter
  PICS --   Platform for Internet Content Selection
  PID --   Proportional Integral Differential
  PIKS --   Programmer's Imaging Kernel System
  PIN --   Personal Identification Number
  PIN --   Positive Intrinsic Negative (Diode)
  PING --   Packet INternet Grouper (RFC-792)
  PIV --   Peak Inverse Voltage
  PKC --   Public Key Criptosystem
  PL/1 --   Programming Language (version) 1
  PLA --   Programmable Logic Array
  PLC --   Power Line Carrier
  PLC --   Programmable Logic Controller
  PLCC --   Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier
  PLD --   Programmable Logic Device
  PMOS --   Positive Metal Oxide Silicon
  PMPO --   Peak Music Power Output
  PMR --   Public/Private (?) Mobile Radio
  PMU --   Phasor Measurement Unit
  PNNI --   Private Network to Network Interface
  PNP --   Positive-Negative-Positive
  PON --   Passive Optical Network
  POP --   Point Of Presence
  POP --   Post Office Protocol (RFC 1125)
  POS --   Point of Sale
  POSIX --   Portable Operating System Interface (IEEE)
  POTS --   Plain Old Telephone Service
  PPD --   Postscript Printer Description
  ppm --   Parts Per Million
  PPP --   Point to Point Protocol
  PPS --   Packets Per Second
  PQFP --   Plastic Quad Flat Pack
  PRA --   Primary Rate Access (2Mb/s - ISDN)
  PRI --   Primary Rate Interface (ISDN)
  PROM --   Programmable Read-Only Memory
  PS --   Post Script
  PSDN --   Packet Switched Data Network
  PSI --   Packet Switched Interface (DEC)
  PSI --   Peripheral System Interconnect
  psi --   Pounds per Square Inch
  PSK --   Phase Shift Keying
  psRAM --   Pseudo Static Random Access Memory
  PSTN --   Public Switched Telephone Network
  PSW --   Processor Status Word
  PTB --   Phisikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (Braunschweig)
  PTC --   Positive Temperature Coefficient
  PTM --   Packet Transfer Mode
  PTM --   Pulse Time Modulation
  PTP --   Peak To Peak (voltage)
  PTT --   Post, Telegraph and Telephone
  PU --   Per Unit
  PV --   Photo Voltaic
  PVC --   Permanent Virtual Circuit/Connection
  PVC --   Poly Vinyl Chloride
  PVQ --   Pyramid Vector Quantization (codification)
  PWM --   Pulsed Wave Modulation
  PWM --   Pulse-Width Modulation


  QA --   Quality Assurance
  QAM --   Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
  QBE --   Query By Example
  QC --   Quality Control
  QFP --   Quad Flat Pack
  QHE --   Quantum Hall Effect
  QoS --   Quality Of Service
  QPSK --   Quadrature/Quaternary Phase Shift Keying
  QWIP --   Quantum-Well Infrared Photo detector


  R&D --   Research and Development
  R/W --   Right of Way
  RACE --   Research & development for Advanced Communications in Europe
  RAD --   Rapid Application Development
  RADAR --   RAdio Detection And Ranging
  RAID --   Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
  RAM --   Random Access Memory
  RARP --   Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
  RBOC --   Regional Bell Operating Company (USA)
  RCA --   Radio Corporation of America
  RCL --   Resistance, Capacitance and inductance(L)
  RDAC --   Remote Data Acquisition and Control
  RDBMS --   Relational Data Base Management System
  RELP --   Residually Excited Linear Predictive
  RETMA --   Radio Electronics Television Manufacturers Association
  RF --   Radio Frequency
  RFC --   Request For Comment (Internet)
  RFI --   Radio Frequency Interference
  RG --   Radio Guide (Hw catalog)
  RGB --   Red Green Blue
  RIP --   Raster Image Processor
  RIP --   Router Information Protocol
  RISC --   Reduced Instruction Set Computer
  RJE --   Remote Job Entry (IBM)
  RLAP --   Radio data Link Adapter Protocol
  RLL --   Radio Local Loop
  RLL --   Relay Ladder Logic
  RLL --   Run-Length Limited (code)
  RMA --   Return Merchandise Authorization
  RMON --   Remote MONitoring
  RMS --   Root Mean Square
  ROI --   Return On Investment
  ROM --   Read-Only Memory
  RPC --   Remote Procedure Call
  RPG --   Report Program Generator
  rpm --   Revolutions Per Minute
  RS --   Recommended Standard (EIA)
  RS --   Remote Station
  RS --   Reed Salomon (code)
  RSA --   Rivest Shamir & Adleman (encryption)
  RSIs --   Repetitive Stress InjurieS
  RSVP --   resource ReSerVation Protocol
  RSVP --   R‰pondez S'il Vous Plait
  RT --   Room Temperature
  RTC --   Real Time Clock
  RTD --   Resistive Temperature Detector
  RTF --   Rich Text Format
  RTOS --   Real Time Operating System
  RTS --   Request To Send
  RTT --   Round Trip Time
  RTU --   Remote Telemetry Unit
  RWM --   Read-Write Memory
  RX --   Reception
  RXD --   Received Data


  S&H --   Shipping & Handling
  SA --   Service Availability (tel)
  SAL --   SQL-windows Application Language
  SAM --   Sequential Access Memory
  SAP --   Service Access Point
  SAP --   Services Advertising Protocol (Netware)
  SAR --   Synthetic Aperture Radar
  SARM --   Set Asynchronous Response Mode (HDLC)
  SAT --   Site Acceptance tests
  SAW --   Surface Acoustic Wave
  SBC --   Single Board Computer
  SBO --   Select-Before-Operation (SCADA)
  SC --   Stromberg Carlson Telephone
  SCADA --   Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
  SCI --   Scalable Coherent Interface (IEEE 1596 - 1 Gbit/s)
  SCPC --   Single Channel Per Carrier (Satellite)
  SCPI --   Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments
  SCR --   Silicon Controlled Rectifier
  SCS --   Silicon Controlled Switch
  SCSI --   Small Computer System Interface
  ScTP --   SCreened Twisted Pair (FTP)
  SDF --   System Data Format
  SDH --   Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
  SDLC --   Synchronous Data Link Control
  SDMA --   Space Division Multiple Access
  SDSL --   Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line
  SDU --   Service Data Unit
  SEAL --   Simple and Efficient Adaptation Layer (AAL5 - ATM)
  SECAM --   SEquentiel Couleur Avec Memoire (TV)
  SER --   Sequence of Events Recording
  SFTP --   Shielded Foil Twisted Pair
  SGML --   Standard Generalized Mark-up Language
  SHN --   Self-Healing Networks
  SI --   Systˆme International
  SIA --   Satellite Industry Association
  SIC --   Silicon Carbide
  SIDF --   System Independent Data Format
  SIMM --   Single In-line Memory Module
  SINAD --   SIgnal, Noise And Distortion
  SIP --   Session Initiation Protocol
  SIP --   Single In-line Package
  SIS --   Superconductor-Insulator-Superconductor
  SIS --   Standardiseiringskommissionen I Sverige (Stockholm)
  SJTC --   Single-Junction Thermal Converter
  SLED --   Single Large Expensive Disk (RAID)
  SLIP --   Serial Line Internet Protocol
  SM --   Single Mode (fiber)
  SM --   Surface-Mount
  SMA --   SubMiniature A connector (RF-FO)
  SMD --   Surface-Mounted Device
  SMDL --   Standard Music Description Language
  SMDS --   Switched Multimegabit Data Service
  SMF --   Single Mode Fiber
  SMPTE --   Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers
  SMR --   Specialized Mobile Radio
  SMT --   Surface Mount Technology
  SMTP --   Simple Message Transfer Protocol (Internet - RFC 822)
  SNA --   System Network Architecture (IBM)
  SNAP --   Sub-Network Access Protocol
  SNI --   Standard Network Interface
  SNMP --   Simple Network Management Protocol
  SNR --   Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N)
  SNRM --   Set Normal Response Mode (HDLC)
  SOE --   Sequence Of Events (recording)
  SOH --   Start Of Header (char 01 - 01H)
  SOHO --   Small Office - Home Office
  SOIC --   Small-Outline Integrated Circuit (SMD)
  SOJ --   Small-Outline J-lead (SMD)
  SOL --   Small-Outline Leaded (SMD)
  SONET --   Synchronous Optical NETwork
  SOS --   Silicon-On-Sapphire
  SPC --   Stored Program Control
  Spec --   SPECification
  SPEC --   Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
  SPST --   Single Pole Single Throw (switch)
  SPX --   Sequenced Packet Exchange (layer 4, Netware)
  SQE --   Signal Quality Error (Heartbeat) (Ethernet)
  SQID --   Super conductive Quantum Interference Device
  SQL --   Structured Query Language
  SRAM --   Static Random Access Memory
  SRP --   Suggested Retailer's Price
  SRP --   Source Routing Protocol
  SRT --   Source Route Transport (Token Ring)
  SS --   Spread Spectrum
  SS7/CCS --   Signalling System 7 / Common Channel Signalling (tel)
  SSB --   Single Side Band
  SSR --   Solid State Relay
  SST --   Spread Spectrum Technology
  STB --   Set Top Box (TV)
  Std --   STanDard
  STN --   Super Twisted Nematic (LCD)
  STP --   Shielded Twisted Pair
  STP --   Spanning Tree Protocol (IEEE)
  STX --   Start of TeXt (char 02 - 02H)
  SVCs --   Switched Virtual Circuit
  SVD --   Simultaneous Voice and Data
  SVID --   System V Interface Definition (Unix)
  SVP --   Surge Voltage Protector
  SWC --   Surge Withstand Capability
  SWEDAC --   SWEDish board for technical ACcreditation
  SWIFT --   Society for World-wide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunications
  SWR --   Standing Wave Ratio


  T&M --   Test and Measurement
  T›V --   Technische ›berwachungs Verein (Germany)
  T1 --   Trunk 1 (1544 bps, 24-channel PCM)
  T3 --   Trunk 3 (44.736 Mb/s)
  TAB --   Tape Automated Bonding
  TACS --   Total Access Communications System
  TAPI --   Telephone Application Program Interface
  TCC --   Telephone Country Code
  TCI --   Telephone Collectors Internatioal
  TCM --   Trellis Coded Modulation
  TCP --   Tape Carrier Package
  TCP --   Transmission Control Protocol (layer 4)
  TCP/IP --   Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
  TDM --   Time Division Multiplex
  TDMA --   Time Division Multiple Access
  TDR --   Time Domain Reflectometry
  TE --   Transverse Electric
  TEM --   Transverse Electro Magnetic
  TFE --   TetraFluoro Etilene (Teflon)
  TFT --   Thin Film Transistor
  TFTP --   Trivial File Transfer Protocol
  THD --   Total Harmonic Distortion
  THF --   Tremendously High Frequency
  TIA --   Telecommunications Industries Association
  TIFF --   Tag Image File Format
  TM --   Transverse Magnetic
  TMN --   Total/Telecommunications Management Network (ITU-TS M.3010)
  TNC --   Threaded Normalized Connector
  TO --   Transistor Outlook
  TOP --   Technical and Office Protocol (LAN)
  TPC --   Transaction Performance Council
  TPF --   Transaction Processing Facility (IBM)
  tpi --   Tracks Per Inch
  TQC --   Total Quality Control
  TQM --   Total Quality Management
  TSOP --   Thin Small Outline Package (SMD)
  TSR --   Terminate and Stay Resident (DOS)
  TTL --   Transistor-Transistor Logic
  TTX --   TeleTeXt
  TTY --   TeleTYpe
  TVC --   Thermal Voltage Converter
  TWT --   Traveling Wave Tube
  TX --   Telex
  TX --   Transmission
  TXD --   Transmitted Data
  TXT --   TeXT


  UART --   Universal Asynchronous Receiver - Transmitter
  UDP --   User Datagram Protocol (layer 4)
  UHF --   Ultra High Frequency (300-3000 MHz)
  UIT --   Union Internationale des T‰l‰communications (ITU - Genˆve)
  UJT --   UniJunction Transistor
  UL --   Underwriters Laboratories (USA)
  ULS --   User Location Service
  UMTS --   Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
  UNI --   User to Network Interface
  UPC --   Universal Product Code (bar code)
  UPS --   Uninterruptible Power Supply
  UPS --   United Parcel Service (USA)
  UPT --   Universal Personal Telecommunications
  URL --   Universal Resource Locator (Internet)
  USAT --   Ultra-Small Aperture Terminal
  USB --   Universal Serial Bus (Intel)
  USD --   United States' Dollar
  USDC --   United States' Digital Communications
  UT --   Universal Time
  UTC --   Universal Time Coordinated
  UTE --   Union Technique de l'Electricit‰ (Paris)
  UTP --   Unshielded Twisted Pair (Ethernet)
  UUCP --   Unix to Unix Copy Protocol
  UV --   UltraViolet


  VAN --   Value-Added Network
  VAR --   Value Added Reseller
  VAR --   Volt-Ampere Reactive
  VAX --   Virtual Memory eXtension (DEC)
  VBR --   Variable Bit Rate
  VC --   Virtual Circuit
  VCA --   Voltage Controlled Amplifier
  VCI --   Virtual Channel Identifier (ATM)
  VCO --   Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  VCR --   Video Cassette Recorder
  VDE --   Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (Germany)
  VDR --   Voltage Dependent Resistor
  VDSL --   Very-high-rate Digital Subscriber Line
  VDT --   Video Display Terminal
  VDU --   Video Display Unit
  VESA --   Video Electronics Standards Association
  VF --   Voice Frequency
  VGA --   Video Graphics Adapter
  VHDL --   VHSIC Hardware Description Language
  VHF --   Very High Frequency (30-300 MHz)
  VHS --   Video Home System
  VHS-C --   Video Home System Compact
  VHSIC --   Very High Scale Integrated Circuit
  VI --   Virtual Instrument
  VIA --   Versatile Interface Adapter
  VINES --   VIrtual NEtwork Software (Banyan)
  VL bus --   VESA Local BUS (VLB)
  VLB --   VESA Local Bus (VL bus)
  VLIW --   Very Long Instruction Word
  VLM --   Virtual Loadable Module (Netware)
  VLSI --   Very Large Scale Integration
  VMEbus --   Versa Module Eurocard BUS (IEEE 1014)
  VMS --   Virtual Memory System (DEC)
  VMS --   Voice Message System
  VOD --   Video On Demand
  VOR --   Vhf Omnidirectional Range
  VOX --   Voice Operated relay
  VP --   Virtual Path
  VPI --   Virtual Path Identifier (ATM)
  VPN --   Virtual Private Network
  VR --   Virtual Reality
  VR --   Voltage Regulator
  VRAM --   Video Random Access Memory
  VRC --   Vertical Redundancy Check (parity)
  VRMS --   Volts Root Mean Square
  VSAT --   Very Small Aperture Terminal
  VSB --   Vestigial Side Band
  VSELP --   Vector Sample/Sum Excited Linear Prediction (code-Motorola)
  VT --   Video Terminal (DEC)
  VT --   Virtual Terminal
  VTR --   Video Tape Recorder
  VU --   Volume Unit (tel)
  VXI --   Vmebus eXtensions for Instrumentation


  W3 --   World Wide Web (WWW)
  W3C --   World Wide Web Consortium
  WACS --   Wireless Access Communications System
  WAN --   Wide Area Networks
  WAN --   Wide Area Information Service
  WARC --   World Administrative Radio Conference
  WDM --   Wave Division Multiplexing
  WE or WECo --   Western Electric Company
  WEC --   World Energy Council
  WLL --   Wireless in the Local Loop
  WMF --   Windows Meta File
  WORM --   Write Once, Read Many
  wpm --   Words Per Minute
  WRU --   Who aRe yoU
  WWAN --   Wireless Wide Area Networks
  WWN --   World Wide Net
  WWW --   World Wide Web
  WYSIWYG -- What You See Is What You Get


  XLPE --   cross Linked PolyEthylene
  XMS --   eXtended Memory Specification (>1024kB)
  XNS --   Xerox Network Specification
  XOR --   eXclusive OR
  XTP --   eXpress Transfer Protocol
  XYZ --   color description (CIE)


  YAG --   Yttrium Aluminum Garnet
  YIQ --   Y(luminance) Intensity Q(crominance) (color NTSC)


  ZD --   Zero Defects
  ZIF --   Zero Insertion Force