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automatic electric

Started by bushman, April 20, 2019, 05:10:10 PM

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I have an  automatic electric 3 slot that I have no keys for. I was able to get into it without damaging the original locks. Now this phone has the updated teltronics board, so its not original. The wife wants this one in the house. I can get a 29s key easy enough. The lower is an original, undamaged 10L lock. Since it doesn't seem like anyone is rekeying these locks, Would it be bad to open this one up, remove the plates and put them away in a safe spot so we could use the lock without a key for now.



the 10L locks show up on ebay every so often. someone might have one with a key.


Yea, I was going to say dummying the lock, or removing all the lock features would not be a simple task
EBay is your best bet for finding a lock with at least one key.
A lot easier than opening a lock.