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1975 vintage Stentofon 6001

Started by paul-f, July 02, 2014, 12:57:41 AM

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While looking for something else in my boxes of phones, I encountered this interesting device - made in Norway.  Some internet research identified the model number and approximate date.

Apparently, one was used as a prop on the 1978-79 Battlestar Galactica series.

Does anyone have any info on it or the system that used it?
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Info on vintage Stentofon gear is hard to come by. Quite a while back a guy in the UK (IIRC) was selling a whole system of that vintage on eBay. I think it was originally installed in a TV station.


This is an intercom station for the system called Stentofon PAMEX.  It was introduced in 1975, manufactured by company Stentor of Trondheim, Norway (later changed name to Stentofon).
The exchange was fully electronic, using analog switches controlled by TTL logic - while competitors still used relays or transistor technology. PAMEX = Pulse Amplitude Modulated EXchange.
Conversations are normally voice operated duplex, alternatively lift handset for open duplex, or press M key for manual speech direction.
The station 4-wire interface is proprietary, one pair to speaker and one pair to microphone/keyboard.  Digit signaling is single-tone, while some static signals like the M key is current in the speaker wires.
The 6001 station was designed by Danish designer Jacob Jensen, known from the company Bang&Olufsen.
The brand Stentofon still exists, now owned by Zenitel.  You still can by exchanges that work with this station - even if their main interface today is Voice-over-Ethernet / Power-over-Ethernet.


Thanks for the info, Edvian. The PAMEX reference and other keywords are great leads for more research.
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