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paul-f's Collection

Started by paul-f, May 08, 2022, 05:08:41 PM

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While sorting things in the display room, I ran across some vintage Polaroid snapshots of my collection in its infancy. (Taken before I had my first digital camera.) They were apparently  taken to commemorate a first objective -- displaying one each of the major Western Electric sets up to the 500-series, including:
  • Candlestick (20AL)
  • Cradle Set (D-mounting)
  • 300-type
  • 5300-type
  • 500-type in black and a color

Along the way, I picked up a few miscellaneous NE, AE, Kellogg, North and ITT Trendline sets  -- plus a Design Line set or two.

They shared display space with mechanical calculators and vintage audio components.

Collection finished? Well, not quite.

Thanks to the internet, I quickly adopted some broader collecting objectives to take the collection to the next step.

As many know, Phonitis hit and things quickly got out of control -- resulting in a "downsizing auction" in 2015, which included over 3,000 items.

Some of the items I particularly liked (and other related research) are documented in past forum posts and on my site:

Therapy is ongoing.

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