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Modern Reproduction "Oriental 302"

Started by Babybearjs, September 19, 2011, 01:37:56 AM

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now I've seen everything! even the asians are making 302's!

Kenny C

This reminds me more of a SC 1243 than a 302.
In memory of
  Marie B.


I keep seeing these phones on the internet. Anyone here own one? I just want to know how the heck they work. I know there a rotary dial that sends tone. But wonder what is inside the case of one.


All the replicas were made in China or thereabouts, except for Telcer in Italy.  

This oen:  302-ish base (but the ears are a bit too wide) with the handset from an SC 1243.  

The dial appears to be a new type of "touchtone masquerading as rotary" dial, with 12 holes including * and #.  That's only one hole more than an old-old AE desk stand dial:-) so maybe that will encourage someone to make a replica of that, eh?  

Try as they might, the makers of replicas have never managed to get all the details right.  Of the recent crop of replicas, Crosley's version of the 354 was the best, and one could still raise a bunch of criticism that isn't nitpicky.  


I love to buy one just to open it up. lol The dial does turn just like a rotary phone but does tone dialing. I just wonder how that even works must have converter inside the case. There was a short video on youtube but can not find it now. I wonder did ITT have a bunch of lift over dials when they stop making rotary phones in 2000.


Those dials were definitely NOT originally ITT or other rotary dials from the past.  For one thing they have 12 holes including * and #, and there is no way to do that with old-stock rotary dials.

Know what's really painfully ironic? 

Cortelco could make a pile of money by just bringing back our dear old 500 sets and selling them around the world.  For a slightly more oldschool look, put a metal fingerwheel on the dial: black for black phones, chrome for others. 

And if any of the original GPO manufacturers were around they could do likewise with tele. 746. 

Someone should.  Probably no one will.  And so we'll see a parade of these replicas, each somewhat more abstracted from the original and using "modern" circuits etc., and with various details simply wrong.  For folks who don't know where to look for real ones, those will suffice. 

But hey, always look on the bright side of life! (whistle-whistle...:-)  If all those folks found out where to get originals, prices would soar and the hobbyist side of this would become unaffordable. 


well, at least there is a "art " to making telephones. its a nice phone but it does have the frankenfone look to it... I'm glad I could share it with you!    John