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Modern Rotary 500 but Dial with * & #

Started by claudioggs, February 11, 2013, 12:15:37 AM

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Searching for rotary phones in Singapore, I found this one, rotary, but with asterisk and numeral...

I'm an Argentinean collector guy, living in Philly.
I have some old mobiles - Motorola 4500X, Motorola "brick"
old phones - 1930 dial argentinean phone, WE 233G
old jukeboxes - Rowe bubbler, Rock-Ola Max
old wife - Sophie from France :-)


Those are modern creations, I've had two of them, not really well made and not pleasant to use...  :-\

The ProTelX one:
h ttp://  ( bad link )  ( good link to ProTelX topic )

and the Steepletone one:
h ttp://  ( bad link )  ( good link to Steepletone topic )


These have been discussed before.  Not something a collector would be interested in.  notice the blatant mis spelling of Operator as Rotarepo..... backwards.

These will appeal to someone who wants a phone that looks like an old rotary phone, but don't know any difference.
-Bill G


Ah, the infamous ROTAREPO phone!  :D

Other than for its curiosity value, I'd have very little interest in one, and even then only if I could get it really cheap. There's a thread on here somewhere, I think, where someone got a hold of one and gave it the full treatment.


I've seen those and wondered if they sent out tones or pulses when dialed.  Does anyone know?  In any case, it is a bit odd to see * & # on a rotary phone.