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Interesting Items - Mastercrafters Clock

Started by AET, March 02, 2009, 12:44:33 AM

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I have not yet tested it if it is working but it seems it would work


Well, I hope yours works out as nicely as mine has, I turn the lite on on it every nite, and it never runs fast or slow.
- Tom


Speaking of interesting clocks... This one just came in the mail.  I've got to find a couple matching light bulbs for the uplit parts.  Think I'm gonna get blue bulbs.  I've already had it all apart, and polished the sails, but I need to replace the blue rigging with white or tan or something more appropriately colored.  All in all not bad for twenty bucks.  Works like a charm, too.



Would you please post a picture of the ship/lamp/clock under it's own light?

That is so way cool.

Are the sails brushed stainless steel or ???


Here are a couple more photos, but they're really dodgy.  Seems like without a flash, I really need a tripod, because I can never get a sharp picture without the flash. 

The sails are chromed sheet steel, and for those who might want one of these, they're pretty common on ebay.  Just look for "united ship clock" and you'll find loads.  Similar clocks were also made by Mastercrafters.  If you decide to get one, make sure there are covers over the light bulbs.  They're either a chrome-rimmed plastic dome, or flat all-plastic.  All to often, they're missing, and since they're impossible to find by themselves, make sure the clock has them.  If you see a bare hole bored in the wood, and can see the light bulb within, then the covers are missing.

Also make sure the pennants and finials at the tops of the masts are all present and accounted for.  These are often missing, too.  Mine's missing a pennant, but I figured for the price I paid, I could live with it.  It still looks great on the mantel.

If you want something really cool, there was a radio built in a similar style called a "Melody Cruiser."  They're not cheap, but they're pretty awesome.


Seriously cool ship!  So over the top that it's Ubercool.


Definately like this clock, very Eames era reminesent.  I agree that the rigging should be redone, but otherwise looks like you got a heck of a deal!
- Tom