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Postal Telegraph SI-15 (Hammond 341) Illuminated Wall Clock Restoration

Started by cornell9, December 12, 2019, 07:35:30 PM

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I completed restoration of a Postal Telegraph SI-15 (Hammond 341) Illuminated Wall Clock 15-inch glass illuminated metal case wall clock from around 1940. Clock was stripped of paint, de-rusted and repainted.  The three chrome pieces were re-chromed by a professional chroming shop (the left chrome piece was previously damaged - the top line of the fin is missing).  All electronics and wiring save the motor were replaced (five 7-watt candelabra type LEDs and E12 sockets, new ball socket switch, RF-controlled wireless light switch kit to power on and off the LEDs, original parts saved for sake of completion). This one is definitely a keeper!

Pictured next to the Postal Telegraph clock is the General Electric 1L1215 clock that I restored last year (apologies they are not yet synchronized!).

The final two photos show the clock during restoration - with the repainting of the clock body completed and the 3 chrome pieces de-rusted and stripped of paint but not yet re-chromed.

Doug Rose



Those lighted Postal Telegraph clocks tens to sell for really high prices, up to $800.  I have a non-lighted bichronous one that I bought a few years ago from an ebay seller for $150.  The lighted Telechrons can also go for a few hundred.  I have a very nice 1L715 that I bought and restored this past summer.  Unfortunately, the rotor seems to be failing now, and replacing the rotor involves dismantling most of the clock.