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Payphone, T-Key won’t fit into vault door.

Started by TelephoneBoy, February 25, 2023, 10:36:35 PM

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Hi all, I have a working western Electric 1D Payphone but have a issue.  Today, I decided to replace the vault door on my current Payphone to a chrome one, the chrome one was kind of sluggish but I ignored it and put it in anyway.  Once I put it in, I turned the t-bar and I called it a day, decided to change it back to its original, and now I am facing a issue the t-key will not fit in the vault door and no matter how much pressure I put on the t-bar it will not fit the vault door.  (See photos). What can be done to unlock this?  (It doesn't have a side lock was drilled out and removed). 

Stan S

Take a thin long screw driver and put it in the hole from the lock. Position it up and to the front. Push on the screw driver to turn the mechanism from the back. See photos.


Hi, this is helpful if I didn't have the coin box, but I do have one.  I was able to get into it shortly after posting this by laying the phone on its back and using a flathead screwdriver to turn the levers inside and once it came into alignment I was able to use the T-key to turn it and off it came, I am probably going to return it to the eBay seller since I can't trust it anymore but thanks for the tip.