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Questoion on Wesclox Andover (previously seen here)

Started by silsurf, November 03, 2022, 08:58:07 AM

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I have a Wesclox Andover I inherited and had a question. My googling lead me here as there was a discussion back in 2009 started on this very clock.

I uploaded two images. On the second one there is a button on the top that just says "start" and it twist toggles the motor in the clock. There is no alarm, it just starts the second hand moving when I twist it, but it only moves about 15 seconds and stops. The clock is not keeping time, but I hear the motor is "on"

My question is why is there a "start" switch at all and secondly, any recommendations on where to have it serviced? Its a lovely clock!




This is a spin to start, if it doesn't stay running after a good spin it probably needs just a good cleaning.


Mine must be a later version.  It has no start knob and has a power interruption indicator.  Yours is very nice looking.
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