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My Local Exchange, and what's yours?

Started by WesternElectricBen, November 16, 2013, 10:31:53 PM

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I'll add my exchange history.
I was born in Seattle with a GArfield telephone number, as we lived on Queen Anne Hill.  I had that for a few months until they went to 7 digit numbers, and GArfield was changed to ATwater 2.  The next year we moved North, and now had a SUnset 2 number.  Recently, when my parents had to move into assisted living, I ported that number to my cell phone to handle business for them.  So I have the same number that I had as a child, and the area code hasn't changed, and I therefore have the same number as 60 years ago.

When I first moved out on my own, I got a 783 number (would have been originally SUnset 3), and moving again I was assigned a 283 (ATwater 3) number.  Our most recent move took us to the North part of King County (near Brinybay), where we should have an EMerson (36X) number, but we still have the 283 number thanks to local number portation.

I am attaching photos from Google Maps of the offices that I have been served by.


To add to bit more trivia, the GArfield exchange was originally a Panel switching system until the 1970s, when it was moved to an expansion of the ATwater office to be served by (I think) at 1A ESS.   The building was converted to library storage.  Recently, plans are underway to convert it into apartments.

The SUnset office was originally manual, and was converted to No. 1 Crossbar about 1946.  That was replaced with a No. 5 ESS about 1984.  EMerson was built new in 1948 for No. 1 Crossbar, with some units of No. 5 Crossbar added later.  I think it is all No. 5 ESS now.


SUnset 6- was mine growing up in the 60's and 70's in Brookfield WI. 


Nice CO Building pictures!

I know someone who a couple days ago was going down the street and visited one of his local CO Buildings, He peeked through the window and saw in the dark, Step-By-Step Strowger equipment!! STILL There! (Obviously it's been long since cut-over, But the equipment remains!)