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AT&T Merlin Legend 012 modules keep burning out ring generator.

Started by rwallmow, April 10, 2018, 05:42:48 PM

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I am running a Merlin Legend II with a few 012 modules with ring generators for my phone collection, and I've had my 2nd 012 w/ring gen card burn out in as many months now.

I am wondering if anyone here has any experience fixing these modules, if it's something common on them that causes the ringing to go out?  I had some success reviving a completely dead 012 module, but its failure was A LOT more obvious, it had a hole blown out of one of the ICs and a popped SMD fuse, those were easy to track down and repair, but with the ring gen circuit dying there's not been any obvious "blowouts" on the board, and I dont have any schematics, so I really don't even know what and what to look for.

I have decided I am not sinking any more money into buying 012 or 016 modules for this system, if I am not able to track down the issues on these boards and fix them myself, I will be replacing the whole thing with a slightly more modern system like a Partner (I can get a loaded partner for less than the cost of two 012 boards), or maybe step up my game to a small Definity cabinet. 

I just wish it were the MLX or ATL cards dying, I have like 6-8 spares of each of those :-/