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Catalogs and Codes for North Galion phones

Started by RotoTech99, January 19, 2017, 10:01:32 AM

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As we are on the topic of breaking the codes for various AE sets, What about the codes for North Galion phones please, in particular the "H" Series phones? I've heard of H3 through like H7, but have no idea how the series was determined...

I've seen some examples of coding on them, and that they come in colors, and that the Ivory ones can have brass bands on the handset caps. I have no idea how they determined color, model, and feature codes for the North Galion sets...

So naturally I've been curious about the coding on them; Does anyone have catalogs or other literature that would pertain to this topic, please?

I am also curious where North's TP-6-A would "fit into" the H-Series question....

Any ideas or feedback for this are welcomed; The AE 40 coding topic has really blossomed now, I'm impressed greatly. Thanks you to everyone!



TP-6 is a generic military Signal Corp specification, not a company specific code.  All the major manufacturers made TP-6 sets. They could not be ordered through a catalog.

Here are the major equivalents for TP-6.

AE Type 40  (=>TA-101/FTC)
Kellogg 925BAX (=>TA-102/FTC)
North 3H6SL
North H600SL
Stromberg-Carlson 1222BW (=>TA-113/FTC)
Stromberg-Carlson 1242WA
WECo 302AW-3

All were equipped with a special type of AE dial.


Dear Unbeldi:

Would the North marking 3H6SL or H600SL be marked anywhere inside the North Military sets; (e.g.: in the upper shell, etc.)?

I know the military sets weren't offered in catalogs, I was simply wondering what series regular North set  they would've been comparable to? I'm guessing the 3H series would be the most comparable one to the military version.



Dear Forum:

In regard to my search for information on North Galion phone coding and literature, I've found the following in Signal Corp. manual TM-11-468:

1. There is a TA-107/FTC version of the North Galion military set that uses a 302 base and components.
2. The H600SL is a version of the North Military set with the original North base/components; (There were two versions of the North base used, apparently.) So it would seem that the military North set did use the North components.
3. There is a model 3H4SL, what does the "4" stand for after the "3H" prefix, please.

Also, the TM-11-468 list a series #TP-4  in regard to the TA-107/FTC; I haven't found anything about that so far.

Any clarifications, advice and comments welcomed.