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NOS Trimlines in Box

Started by Doug Rose, November 19, 2022, 10:14:15 AM

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Quote from: 3463319 on February 16, 2023, 03:46:20 PMThat is unusual.  I have seen many, many ITT Trendlines over the years, and they all had round buttons.

Well I have a place I am taking a chance and ordering up a couple one Beige and one brown (see attached images)

Also there is currently this Black ITT Wall unit on Ebay

So yes they do exist and like WE counterparts , square buttons mean line powered LED Illumination

Just found this red one on ebay
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Very interesting!  I had no idea that ITT ever made LED lighted dials or square-buttoned Trendlines.

I have a Kellogg-ITT 1500 set, and before I saw it on eBay, I had assumed that only WE made those.  There is always something new to discover!



They came pretty late, and if you see them in person there are some differences from the WECo Trimline. The area around the buttons is very squred off with completely straight lines, the buttons are also squared off more and don't stick out as much. They're also menbrane based (feel like rubber domes) instead of linear mechanical

It's pretty clear that while ITT and Stromberg got to license the general design they had to make their own tooling, all their Trimline clones have very minor differences from the Genuine Bell ones, but this late touch tone one is more noticable


Yea and be careful because if they have Volume control on receiver or Pulse/tone switch they are probably Asian made

As for the USA Made ITT square button Trimlines I once had a NOS ITT Trimline that had a damaged number plate . As I recall I trimmed down a mounting hole a WE Aluminum square button number plate and it fit right on
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