"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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K6 & other GPO Telephone Boxes

Started by david@london, April 26, 2012, 02:54:29 PM

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Looks to be about the right price (converting to £ it's about £600), looks like all it needs is repainting, considering that it's probably had the Texan sun beaming down on it for some years (aswell as british sun, though that's a lot less than what Texas gets!!)...  ;D


from today's Daily Telegraph.........

"A recently painted mural near GCHQ depicting secret agents listening in on a phone box could be a new Banksy, residents believe.
The artwork appeared on the side of a house in Cheltenham at the weekend and is already becoming a local tourist attraction.
The owner of the house, ******  *****, **, said she saw men packing a white tarpaulin into a van at around 7.30am on Sunday."


That is actually quite impressive, though that KX100 needs a bit of a wash as I think it has egg on it's face...  ;D

Nick in Manitou

That is a great bit of graffiti!  If someone was going to paint on the outside of my house without permission, I would hope that the result would be this much fun!

Mr. Bones

That's very clever, and well done! I like it a lot.

Best regards!
   Mr. Bones
      Rubricollis Ferus


phonebox at bigbury in south devon, looking over to burgh island.

Mr. Bones

Hullo, David.

     Absolutely pastoral, gorgeous scenery on what looks to be an ideal Spring day! I certainly hope you, the family, and of course the dog had a most enjoyable romp!

Cheers, mate!
   Mr. Bones
      Rubricollis Ferus


thanks terrence.......

the large building on the island is the burgh island hotel, where an episode of agatha christie's 'poirot' was filmed quite a few years back.


in southwold, suffolk yesterday, i saw this K6 with a defibrillator installed in it.

lower photo from eastern daily press article .......

"LIFE SAVER: Marking the official launch of the new defibrillator box in Southwold are (left to right), Trevor, of the East of England Ambulance Service; Christian, of the East of England Co-op; and the town's mayor Simon Tobin."


Quote from: david@london on September 29, 2014, 02:17:10 PM
in southwold, suffolk yesterday, i saw this K6 with a defibrillator installed in it.

Now there's something that should be planted outside of every mcdonalds in the country, or the world even... :P


Old Police Boxes in Glasgow.............from today's Daily Telegraph

"Most British cities got rid of their old police call boxes, but in Glasgow there are still 6 of these on the streets.
This one, down beside Barrowland Park at Glasgow Cross, is still used for its phone by the Glasgow City Council Community Safety Team and Police Scotland.
In Glasgow they were originally painted red, (there is still one red one on Sauchiehall Street)."


the old 'button A/button B' coin boxes were still in use in the sixties.

you'd insert your coins and dial...........if the party answered, button A would deposit the money and you could talk -  button B returned the money.

you-tube link


There's a K6 for sale right near here now: craigslist link. ( dead link 05-18-21 )

I will not be availing myself of the opportunity.


Russ Kirk

I would love to add one of thhese to my collection. Due to the weight and size I will have to wait until I can find one much closer to home.
- Russ Kirk


larry -

i think it looks like a very good restoration, but the asking price of $3500 might put off all but the most serious collector.

CL description ...........

"k6 original English phone booth
1935 heavy cast iron
weight 1,653 pounds
height 8' 3"
width 36
depth 36
sand blasted to bare metal , Degreased , 2 coats of epoxy primer , painted with high gloss polyurethane flame red and sealed"

russ -

pls let us know if/when you locate one !