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96 55 MA AE payststion

Started by Patf, June 20, 2015, 09:06:47 PM

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I have this pay station acquired when the company was upgrading to current technology. It works fine. Posts for type 62 and 82 AE paystations have been helpful but I would love to know more. The goal is to restore and set up for use in home.

two printed ckt bds   SPC 1B1   and SP 105 -C


Can you post pictures of the inside please?
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Note that originally the 96-series used Western Electric components such as their induction coils, handsets and dials.
See if these cover your set...If not, please upload a photo of the inside of your set.


here is a pic of the inside. I can add whatever is interesting.


Your instrument has been modified with aftermarket circuitry. Also, the instruction card on your set is not correct for a semi-postpay instrument.

You said it "works fine" so what are you looking to accomplish if it is already working, presumably on your home line?

I believe there are several diagrams in the GSP section of the TCI Library but in the meantime, checkout this thread regarding Teltronics boards; particularly the postings by DavePEI.