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Need help openng the back of a Payphone of America from Sesa

Started by Lee58, March 08, 2017, 01:50:25 AM

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Did you ever get this opened? I have one that was still brand-new in the box and I can't open it either. When I turn the top lock, I get the slightest bit of play out of the big top cover piece. I've tried prying a little but don't want to break the plastic. It seems to be stuck a little more on the right side. The locking mechanism still appears to work because if I pull the top of the case up a little and try to turn the key back to the unlocked position, it won't go all the way. Let it back down and it turns freely.

I tried the 'percussive maintenance' suggested elsewhere and succeeded only in developing a small crack in the upper-rear-left corner.

I'd like to get this thing open but, actually, my main concern is getting it functional (I have several payphones around the house and I try to keep them somewhat operational). It works as-is but the phone is set to pulse dial. I'm hoping that there's a switch inside that'll enable tone dialing. Anyone know if this is the case?