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Model 727 "Profit Phone" Dip Switches

Started by MIPS, December 15, 2018, 03:57:55 PM

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I bought it a while back and immediately did not have a use for it. Now suddenly I do and while trying to sort out issues with a VoIP line not providing enough power I cannot seem to get the ringer to operate and I cannot find the diagram for the ten dip switches.

It's similar to a Tongya in appearance and the operators key on the back but beyond that the name and model is far too vague for Google to help beyond links to Ebay and Worthpoint.

Did these go by a less generic name from someone else?


I've seen Chang chong on then before. Is it the ringer, or could it be the filter capacitor. If you can find one of those ten dollar extension ringers, those use the same thing.


I have a 707 id sell for parts is poor condition but does work and ring - on the 707 5 8 and 9 are in on position, i have no book either as i bought it on ebay just for the stand.

But on mine turn switch 9 off no ring, turn 9 on it rings and i see in your pic switch 9 is off, try turing it on and test.


also the key in back is for "free calls by owner"  thats what that does, put key in turn it now 25 cents is not required to make a call, local or long distance.

I think the only diffrence on the 707 and 727 is the rom, otherwise their identical, or so i was told years ago, and think gtel also sold it but no luck finding manual, but didnt matter to me as a had a brand new 909 (no PTT button) i need the stand for, the 707 was a bonus it was going to be junked, but held on to it.


manual for 707 - but i think 727 is basically same


The 707 manual works fine. Indeed switch 9 turns the ringer on. Thank you.
I don't have the key for it however it is going into a location where that is not necessary anyways. The local makerspace wants a public phone so I have it set right now to limit calls to ten minutes.


VG.  ;) Thought it would as I mentioned i seem to recall the 707 and 727 were same except for rom / and timing in the rom, but its been years since i working on these sets,  Fortunatly i FOUND the 707 manual, i sor sure dont have a 727 manual.