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Burr for drilling out Abloy locks

Started by bitbucket, April 08, 2019, 08:45:57 AM

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Can someone with experience render an opinion as to whether this tool could be used for drilling out Abloy upper locks?

Alternatively, does anyone know if a standard model of the Abloy lock is used on the ubiquitous late 80's-early 90's single-slot fortress phones? All I know about the one I have is that it says 'Abloy' on it and has the crescent shaped opening. Given some model info, I can contact the manufacturer and get their input.

Thanks in advance!


I can tell you from personal experience, you'll get very little information from Abloy regarding anything that remotely has anything to do with defeating any lock.    Theirs, or anyone else's.   The only exception to that, would relate to a bona fide lock smith.     The drill bit may work just fine, but is it worth $119.00 USD plus shipping to open one lock ?

If you can post a picture of the lock, I'll confirm that this method I'm going to describe will work "before you try it".     A few months ago I opened an Abloy lock on a European payphone for another CRPF member.    If the face of the Abloy lock is exposed for about 3/16" to a 1/4" of an inch, take a scrap piece of metal and cut a hole in it just slightly larger than the diameter of the Abloy lock (see picture).    This is merely a protector, so the surrounding area isn't damaged in the next step.     Beg, borrow or buy a high speed grinder, and carefully grind off the face of the Abloy lock.     You don't have to grind that much off the face of the lock before you'll encounter the thin, round disks that allow the lock to lock and unlock with the key.   You can then remove each disk using a small daimeter piece of wire, like as in a paper clip with a small 1/16" inch hook at the end , to snag and lift each disk out of the lock.    You can also try lifting and turning the payphone over and lightly tap the payphone and let gravity take care of the round disks.   Once the disks are out, insert a flat blade screw driver and open the lock.     

I think the CRPF member I did this for, took some pictures, and I'll see if I can get them and post same so you can see the process.   

Jeff Lamb


I couldn't remember if Doug Duffy  posted some pictures of his payphone after I ground off the Abloy lock, and as it turned out, he did.      Here's a link to the post.

Link:;topicseen#new        Picture below shows the Abloy lock with the face ground off, and the disks exposed and ready to be removed.   Click and double click to enlarge.

Jeff Lamb


I have used the cheap tungsten carbide buurs to eat out Abloy locks and pick the disks out. Not that hard to do. I use a pneumatic die grinder, will post a video soon.


I have drilled some ABLOY locks and that was easy, but not the last one, the top was made of hardened steel, not brass.   

I had to use smergel  bit with my Dremel.



Yes I find that the brass ones are easy to vibrate out using a hammer drill. The hardened steel ones I have been able to grind with the tungsten carbide ball burr as long as I keep it moving. Lots of sparks and slow but it works.