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Can a Protel 8000 be programmed to work as a normal extension?

Started by MaximRecoil, September 06, 2018, 11:01:51 AM

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Quote from: Payphone installer on September 07, 2018, 09:38:03 AM
MaximRecoil another interesting idea would be get a different chassis,download it and see if it works better. They are cheap and easy to find.

That's a good idea. Will the chassis I have now retain its programming when removed from the phone if I leave all the batteries in it, for as long as the batteries stay up?


Since this forum seems to have died this year I am trying to go through old posts to solve some problems I have here. In the past I had 4 Protel phones working with a Pentuim 2 computer running DOS. Everything started to fail and by 2017 I had no programming. Last year I  got everything workiing again but noticed that my 7000 boards will not communicate with the Protel computer. I am running a serial Hayes 1200 smartmodem, and have an Asterisk PBX connected to a Adtran channel bank with 10 digit custom extension assigned so the computer and phones can communicate. Every day at 1AM the computer polls the phones and updates coin boz amounts, flags etc. Trouble is I added a 310 board phone in a GTE housing and it is unable to communicate. When I initialize the board it calls the computer but disconnects almost immediately. The error is carrier but no connect. If I have the computer call the phone it gives a checksum error. The other phones I have contain 2000 series boards and 4000 series boards. They always communicate just fine, One oddity is that my front yard payphone suddenly updated the coin box amount to over 900 dollars. It happened on a rainy day  where a tree nearby was hit by lightning so maybe that is it?