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Auction Talk / Re: Always Looking For Something Different
« Last post by tubaman on Today at 07:09:03 AM »
Well found @FABphones, so not a 164 type at all then.
Looks more like a variation on the earlier STC 2724 'Antwerp' handset (
Here's my one for reference - similar but not exactly the same.

The diode will reduce the ringing current even with the cap across, and voice will work well, the cheap Ericsson solution just puts out 48V at network frequency  (here we have 50 Hz) and that rings not well on ringers with gongs.   The diode is for as much as possible block ringing current, but the capacitor reduce that effect in hence to not lower the voice signal, maybe the cap. is not needed?
(And yes low activity from me during the last 1/2 year, changed job and its fun, but lots to do. I have been a teacher for 20 years, and now I am kinda janitor + teacher in a new school in a 100 years old building. (Same pay)  My old headmaster and I could not agree in whats safe fire protection, and when I asked the fire-dept. and they said I was right..... I got this job with a great headmaster that wanted a safe school.  :)   )

You could have a, "Dead Ringer", Hee Hee???
Have you checked the resistance of the coils?
Not sure what they are on that one, but one could be bad???
Or a broken wire???
Dear Martin, I tried this with this phone and moving the Black wire to L1 does not make the ringer work, thanks for the input tho
Move the black ringer wire to L1 (where the green hookswitch wire is in picture).

Connect green line cord wire to L1 and  red line cord to L2  (where the yellow and slate (gray) hookswitch wires and the red ringer wire are).
What I have attached is a hypothesis, this phone is wired exactly as the "500C and D Telephone Sets Connections".
I have watched a few videos on youtube which entail taking the black wire and moving it over 1 terminal block to the left. That did not work for me and even moving the yellow wire to the middle terminal block made the phone work less. I usally get this stuff but I am at a total loss. It would mean so much if someone could help, any information provided will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your time reading this and have a wonderful day! ~JMS
Auction Talk / Re: Loeffler Telephone (New York)
« Last post by TelePlay on Yesterday at 06:39:27 PM »
The above Loeffler sold for $558 in today's dollars.

We had 3 similar phones in the Auction Contests as follows:

A DeVeau that sold for $545 in 2008

A Lord Electric Company that sold for $431 in 2014


A another DeVeau that sold for $472.99 in 2015

Anyone interested in seeing the Auction Contest phones can find them here:
Auction Talk / Re: Always Looking For Something Different
« Last post by FABphones on Yesterday at 05:55:50 PM »
Auction Talk / Re: Always Looking For Something Different
« Last post by FABphones on Yesterday at 05:54:41 PM »
Like waiting for a bus….  None for ages then three turn up at once.   ;)
eBay item number 274990564634

Decals to front:
Modern Telephone
(Great Britain) Ltd
Tottenham Court Road, W1

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