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Thanks for your prompt reply ! Much appreciated.  I will absolutely check out the shunt contacts and report back.  The 'good' news is I haven't applied any oil to the dial.

When you hear that, either the shunt contacts are separating, or, it has been given too much oil, and some of it dripped onto those contacts.  That drop of oil is a conductor, making it act as if the contacts are not separating.  Check it out.
I'm working on a very nice WE 500 C/D, but I'm hearing dial pulses. The dial is a 9CA. I've checked
and can find no issues. Can Someone point me in the right direction to eliminate the problem.

I'd swap out the dial completely, but the phone is WE Avacado color and I don't know how to, or
if possible to swap out the Avacado number ring.

Thanks for your help,
Maybe if you have a unit with high ohm ringer, it will not be able to hold the line in CB systems, but if you short out C2 it should work, and C3 protects the receiver from DC.  (Quite strange theory  :)  )
Thank you for sending me to TIMM2. I looked there first and now went through that again as well Kellogg and Cortelco manuals without much luck. Except I found a paragraph in Cortelco and chart that helped me understand the code markings on the bottom better.  I now think it is marked: 2500 05  FBA ?? S.  This code would indicate a 2500 that is color=05(for moss green) F ( for partially modular as in hardwired handset, modular line cord--mine is all modular now) and BA (SL ringer) -- more usually MBA for modular and SL ringer.  Then  two illegible figures which made be a number stamped over "20" (that refer to features 20-57 which do not include the function here) and S (which I think is the dial or keypad designation and is usually M for metropolitan or sometimes F for Metropolitan with a Flash button ).  I cannot find a wiring diagram or any reference to the 70 00 G marked keypad with its battery and terminal strip connections.
Beautiful Strowger went for an offer. Phone was perfect, I think the receiver was wrong. I didn't have enough in my phone money profits to make an offer on it.  :'(

I hope some one here got it!...Doug
Auction Talk / Re: Western Electric 307 - think I paid too much!
« Last post by Jim Stettler on Yesterday at 12:22:03 PM »
Good Beer money

Might as well get the $8.00 Bombers (22 oz) craft beer.
I think it is in the TIMM 2 manual that you can find in the tci library.
you should be able to search for it as TIMM 2

I earlier posted this ebay purchase ($35 BIN including shipping) and now I am posting some pictures from it's listing (first two) and some inside shots. Jim Stettler identified this phone's unusual buttons as an auto dialer with "save and recall" buttons.

I cannot find a description of this phone or keypad on TCI under ITT or Cortelco.  The bottom mark is hard to make out but appears to me to be "2500 99 FBA S".  The keypad is dated 7-82 and appears with ITT type stamping with "70 00 G"  There is a robust grounding shield atop the buttons and a second circuit board and a  terminal strip beneath the keypad.  There is a rectangular metal holder for a nine volt battery built into the dial mount.  There is a stack of contacts for the white exclusion key.  The base and handset are marked ITT.  The handset includes a smaller LB type receiver element marked as ITT both elements and ringer 1979-1982. There are no markings on what might be a capacitor? on the terminal strip.

Based on the markings, I am of the opinion that the phone is as manufactured by ITT and not an aftermarket add on.  I think the 9V battery likely maintains the memory and the exclusion key opens and closes tip and ring to allow memorization of at least one number.  I would like to get it restored and have not tested out the exclusion key yet.  I think the cord is a replacement and not quite moss green. I do not especially care for the green on green faceplate but bet this is typical of a later era 2500.
Auction Talk / Re: Western Electric 307 - think I paid too much!
« Last post by Doug Rose on Yesterday at 09:52:16 AM »
Gotta have beer money! ;-)
Good Beer money
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